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Jan 23 Noah Sasson, PhD The Broad Autism Phenotype in Parents of a Child with Autism and the General Population
Jan 30 Barbara Davis, PhD Lexical vs. Phonological Factors in Early Word Productions of Children
Feb 6
BBS Colloquia

Howard Eichenbaum, PhD

Feb 13 Mary Beth Schmitt, PhD The Role of Behavior Regulation in Therapy for Children with Language Impairment
Feb 20 Denise Park, PhD The Scaffolding Theory of the Aging Mind: Can We Predict Successful Aging?
Feb 27   No FLASH
Mar 6 Margaret Owen, PhD Beyond the 30 Million Word Gap: Building a Communication Foundation is Essential for Early Language
Mar 13 William Katz, PhD A Web-Based Study of Texas Accents
Mar 20 Spring Break
Mar 27 Kelly Fazel Pursuit Tracking Studies: Investigating the Functional Basis of AOS
Apr 3 Olga Peskova TBD
Apr 10
BBS Colloquia

Richard Aslin, PhD

Apr 17 Doris Baker, PhD Research Evidence of Building Children's Vocabulary Instruction Early
Apr 24
BBS Colloquia

Ross Roeser, PhD

May 1 Laurence Leonard, Pam Hadley, Marc Fey, Elena Plante Callier Prize


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Jan 24 Ola A. Alsalman, PhD he Building of a Neural Psychological Immune Endocrine (T-NPIE) Model of Tinnitus
Jan 31 Anne van Kleeck, PhD Rethinking Preschool Oral Language Assessment: Differentiating Casual Talk, Academic Talk and Language Impairment

Feb 7

BBS Colloquium
GR 4.428

Antonio Bechara, PhD

Neural Systems Sub-Serving Decision-Making in Addiction Disorders
Feb 14 Katandria Love Johnson, DrPH Enhancing the Incorporation of Motivational Interviewing in Osteopathic Medical Programs
Feb 21 Andrea Warner-Czyz, PhD Bullying in Adolescents Using Cochlear Implants
Feb 28 Nancy Tye-Murray, PhD Auditory Visual Speech Recognition in the Aging Population
Mar 7 Audrey Holland, PhD A Procedure for Evaluating Communication in Individuals with Severe Aphasia
Mar 14   Spring Break
Mar 21
BBS Colloquium
GR 4.428

Mari Jones, PhD

Participatory Communication: A Case for Entrained Attending
Mar 28 Sonya Mehta Articulatory Distinction During Vowel Production: Implications for Second Language Learning
Apr 4 Julie Schneider Identifying Developmental Changes in Language Processing Using EEG
Apr 11
BBS Colloquium
GR 4.428

Brent Roberts, PhD

The Antecedents and Development of Conscientiousness Across the Life Course
Apr 18 Linda Thibodeau, PhD Good Hearing, Steady Feet – Developing Auditory Devices that Improve Hearing and Decrease the Risk for Falls
May 2
BBS Colloquium Special Event
GR 4.428

Susan Jerger, PhD - Distinguished Lecturer in Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Perceiving Things Not as They Are, But as We Are
Sep 5 BBS Reception No FLASH
Sep 12 Linda Thibodeau, PhD Good Hearing, Steady Feet – Developing Auditory Devices that Improve Hearing and Decrease the Risk For Falls

Sep 19


Room Change:
GR 4.428
BBS Colloquia No FLASH
Sep 26   No FLASH
Oct 3 Mike Motes, PhD Strategic Memory and Advanced Memory Training in Middle School Children
Oct 10 Melissa Boone, PhD Investigating Attention in Children with Specific Language Impairment: Models and Methods
Oct 17 Mandy Maguire, PhD EEG Correlates of Word Learning

Oct 24


Room Change:
GR 4.428


BBS Colloquia No FLASH
Oct 31

Pamela Rollins, PhD

Precursors to Social Communication: An Intervention Study
Nov 7 Richard Tyler, PhD Current Approaches to Helping the Tinnitus Patient
Nov 14 Elizabeth Buell Characteristics of Secondary Auditory Fields in an Animal Model of Tinnitus
Nov 21 ASHA Convention No FLASH
Nov 28 Thanksgiving Holiday No FLASH
Dec 5 Mariam Kavakci, PhD Examining Implicit Procedural Motor Learning in Adults Using a Serial Picture Task


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Jan 18 Katharine Fitzharris, AuD Behavioral and Electrophysiological Measures of Interaural Asymmetry for Dichotic Filtered Words in Young Adults
Jan 25 Roshini Kumar Cross Cultural Parent Perspectives of Health-Related Quality of Life in Children with Cochlear Implants
Feb 1 Karen Pawlowski, PhD The Genetics of Hearing Impairment in Usher Syndrome
Feb 8

Tiffany Hogan, PhD

Orthographic Probability and Neighborhood Density Across Development: Findings from Grade-based Child Frequency Counts
Feb 15 Lars Hinrichs, PhD Dialect Leveling in Texas English: Changes in Real and Apparent Time
Feb 22 Ronald Tikofsky, PhD The Aphasic's Search for Words
Mar 1 Jana Mueller What Can Pupils Tell Us About Working Memory and Attention?
Mar 8 Blair C. Miller Effects of Illustration Awareness Training on Inference-Making During Independent Reading
Mar 22 Melissa Sherman Representing Language as a Complex Network
Mar 29
BBS Colloquium
GR 4.428

Rebecca Landa, PhD

Malleability of Social Cognition and Communication Development in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Insights from an Early Intervention Study

Apr 5

Anna Fitzhugh Variations in the Cognitive Profiles of Children with Reading Disabilities: Classification and Response to Intervention
Apr 12
BBS Colloquium
GR 4.428

Ross Thompson, PhD

Hobbes and Rousseau in the Nursery: The Origins of Caring for Others
Apr 19 Peter Roland, PhD TBA
May 3
BBS Colloquium
GR 4.428

Jay Dowling, PhD

How We Remember Melodies

Sep 6, 2013


Room Change: GR 4.209
  BBS Welcome Reception
Sep 13 Sarah Kucker, PhD The Role of Novelty and Knowledge in Word Learning

Sep 20


Room Change: GR 4.428

BBS Colloquium

Rebecca Landa, PhD

Malleabililty of Social Cognition and Communication Development in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Insights from an Early Intervention Study
Sep 27

Sven Vanneste, PhD

Treatment of Tinnitus
Oct 4 Richardo Guitierrez-Osuna, PhD Acoustic and Articulatory Methods for Foreign Accent Conversion
Oct 11 Tom Campbell, Jun Wang and Friends Current and Future Projects in the Communication Technology Center
Oct 18 John Hart, MD Semantic Retrieval Circuits
Oct 25 Danielle Brimo, PhD Exploring the Effect of Syntactic Awareness on Reading Comprehension Among High School Students

Nov 1


Room Change: GR 4.428

BBS Colloquium

Peter MacNeilage, PhD

Evolution of Speech and Its Left Hemisphere Brain Specialization
Nov 8

Yang Liu, PhD

Using Natural Language Processing Techniques for Child Language Analysis

Nov 14-16

  ASHA Convention
Nov 22

Emily Lund, PhD

Maternal Word-Learning Cues to Children with and without Cochlear Implants


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Feb 3 Julia L. Evans, PhD Implicit Learning Impairments and Language and Cognitive Development in Children with Specific Language Impairment
Feb 17
BBS Colloquium,
GR 4.428

Antonello Bonci, MD

Optogenetic Modulation of the Limbic System: Implications for Substance Use Disorders
Feb 24 Bambi de la Rosa An EEG Time Frequency Analysis of Action Versus Object Identification
Mar 2 Jordan Green, PhD Emerging Perspectives on the Development, Assessment, and Treatment of Speech
Mar 9 Erin Schafer, PhD Effects of FM Systems on Speech Recognition Performance and Auditory Behaviors of Children with ASD and ADHD
Mar 23 Cindy de Frias, PhD Cognitive Status and Executive Functions in Older Adults
Mar 30 John Sweeney, PhD Sensory Motor Contributions to Autism
Apr 6 Asimina Syrika, PhD Consonant Clusters: The Good, the Bad and the Unstable
Apr 13 Lynda Sides Imageability and Word Class: Preliminary Results from an ERP Investigation of Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives
Apr 20
BBS Colloquium,
GR 4.428

Aage Moller, PhD

The Brain is Plastic: For Good or for Bad
Apr 27 Sujin Shin Speech Intelligibility of Cochlear Implant Users in Multi-talker Babble
May 4 Anne van Kleeck, PhD Rethinking the Oral Language Basis for Later Academic Success in Preschoolers from Non- Mainstream Cultural Backgrounds:
Distinguishing Academic and Social Talk
May 11 Noah Sasson, PhD
Daniel Faso
Investigating Abnormalities in Social Cognition and Social Reward in Adults with Autism: Project Updates from the Sasson Lab
Sep 7 Stephanie Al Otaiba, PhD RTI Early Literacy Implementation
Sep 14 Kamil Wojcicki, PhD On Speech Signal Based Frequency Warping for Speech Processing
Sep 21 Jun Wang, PhD Articulatory Vowel Space Changes in Early Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Oct 5
Room Change:
GR 4.428
Daniel Weinberger, MD BBS Colloquium
Gene Networks and Brain Networks
Oct 12 Alyson Abel, PhD Effects of Verb Familiarity on Finiteness Marking in Children with SLI
Oct 19 Matt Mosconi, PhD Sensorimotor Abnormalities in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Oct 26 Jackie Clark, PhD A New Diagnostic Speech Test in Audiology
Nov 2 Helen Kenedi, MS Water Protocol Investigations: Safety Considerations and Preliminary Results
Nov 9 Hanna Ulatowska, PhD
Diane Garst, MS
Tapping Communicative Competence in Right Hemisphere Damage Through a Discourse Battery
Nov 16   ASHA Convention
Dec 7
Room Change:
GR 4.428
Alex Todorov, PhD BBS Colloquium
Social Perceptions of Faces


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Sep 2

Callier Post-Docs

Thomas Campbell, PhD

FLASH Organization and Social Gathering
Sep 9


BBS Colloquium
Sep 16

Amy Louise Schwarz

Impact of Cue Loading Across Participation Roles on 42-Month- Olds' Novel Verb Learning
Sep 23

Chandramallika Basak, PhD

Fit Minds and Fit Bodies: Brain and Cognitive Plasticity in Elderly
Sep 30 Emily Tobey, PhD Articulation and All That Jazz
Oct 7 Anna Mortensen TBA
Oct 14   BBS Colloquium
Oct 21 Carlos Busso, PhD Tracking Expressive Nonverbal Behavior: A Multimodal Approach

Oct 28


Room Change:
A 229

Mick Rugg, PhD

Episodic Memory and Encoding of Visual and Auditory Information
Nov 11
Room Change:
A 229
Sonya Mehta Improving Consonant Cluster Production in Foreign Accented English Using Visual Feedback
Nov 18


ASHA Convention
Dec 9

Melissa Sherman

The Information Content of Expressive Language at Ages 4 and 6 Years


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