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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Gagan Wig


Gagan Wig
















About Gagan Wig


Gagan Wig earned his BS in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of British Columbia and his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from Dartmouth College. Following his doctoral training, he completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard University and then joined the Human Connectome Project as a post-doctoral fellow at Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Wig is currently an Assistant Professor in the Center for Vital Longevity.


Research Interests


Dr. Wig's research program uses a combination of structural and functional imaging tools (including fMRI, DTI, and TMS) to understand the organization of large-scale human brain networks and how these networks change over the adult-lifespan. He uses this information to guide studies related to mnemonic and attentional processes, with a particular focus on understanding the sources of individual differences in memory and attention and how they may be modified by aging and disease.


Recent Publications


Chan, M.Y., Park, D.C., Savalia, N.K., Petersen, S.E., Wig, G.S. (2014). Decreased segregation of brain systems across the healthy adult lifespan. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 111(46): E4997-E5006.


Wig, G.S., Laumann, T.O., Petersen, S.E. (2014). An approach for parcellating human cortical areas using resting-state correlations. Neuroimage. 93: 276-291.


Wig, G.S., Laumann, T.O., Cohen, A., Power, J.D., Nelson, S.M., Glasser, M.F., Miezin, F.S., Snyder, A.Z., Schlaggar, B.L., Petersen, S.E. (2014). Parcellating an individual subject's cortical and subcortical structures using snowball sampling of resting-state correlations. Cerebral Cortex. 24(8): 2036-2054.


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