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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Michelle Aldridge


Michelle Aldridge
















Research Interests


My primary research interest concerns the early development of communication skills in typically and atypically developing children. One area of focus is speech perception abilities of newborn infants and the organization of speech at birth. My second area of major interest includes language and cognitive development of very young children with autism.


Recent Publications


Aldridge, M.A., Stillman, R.D., and Bower, T.G.R. (2001). Newborn categorization of vowel-like sounds. Developmental Science, 4, 220-232.


Aldridge, M.A., Stone, K., Sweeney, M., and Bower, T.G.R. (2000). Preverbal children with autism understand the intentions of others. Developmental Science, 3, 294-301.


Aldridge, M.A., Braga , E., Walton, G., and Bower, T.G.R. (1999). The intermodal representation of speech in newborns. Developmental Science, 2(1) 42-46.