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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Mandy Maguire


Mandy Maguire

Associate Professor

PhD, Temple University

Developmental Cognitive and Linguistics Neuroscience


CD A 1.02

214-905-3163 phone email


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About Mandy Maguire


My research integrates three different areas of psychology: neurocognitive development, language acquisition and conceptual development. I am currently investigating the neurological correlates of children's understanding of complex words (love, hate, freedom, heaven) and how these change with development. Further I am interested in the development of verb concepts, which generally are more abstract and difficult than noun concepts, using electrophysiological measures, specifically Event Related Potentials or ERPs.


Recent Publications


Maguire, M.J., Magnon, G., Ogeila, D.A., Egbert, R., & Sides, L. (in press). The N300 ERP component reveals developmental changes in object and action identification. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience.


Hart, J., Maguire, M.J., Motes, M., Mudar, R. A., Chiang, H-S, Womack, K., & Kraut, M. (in press). Semantic memory retrieval circuit: Role of pre-SMA, caudate, and thalamus. Brain and Language, available online Sep 7, 2012.


Maguire, M. J., Ogiela, D., Magnon, G., Delarosa, B., & Sides, L. (2012). Developmental differences in noun-object and verb-action identification: An Event Related Potentials study. In A. Biller, E.Y. Chung, & A. E. Kimball (Eds.), Proceedings of the Boston University Annual Conference on Language Development (pp. 328-338). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press.


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