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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Mandy Maguire


Mandy Maguire
















About Mandy Maguire


My research integrates three different areas of psychology: neurocognitive development, language acquisition and conceptual development. I am currently investigating the neurological correlates of children's understanding of complex words (love, hate, freedom, heaven) and how these change with development. Further I am interested in the development of verb concepts, which generally are more abstract and difficult than noun concepts, using electrophysiological measures, specifically Event Related Potentials or ERPs.


Recent Publications


Chiang, H-S, Eroh, J., Spence, J.S., Motes, M.A., Maguire M.J., Krawczyk, D., Brier, M., Hart, J., & Kraut, M.A. (in press). Common and differential electrophysiological mechanisms underlying semantic object memory retrieval probed by features presented in different stimulus types. International Journal of Psychophysiology.


Schneider, J.M., Abel, A.D., Ogiela, D., Middleton, A. & Maguire, M.J. (2016). Developmental differences in beta and theta power during sentence processing. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 19, 19-30.


Schwarz, A. L., van Kleeck, A., Maguire, M. J., & Abdi, H. (2016). Do action out verbs with dolls and analogical reasoning between two events boost toddlers? verb comprehension. Journal of Child Language. DOI:

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