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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Felicity Sale


Felicity Sale
















About Felicity Sale


I teach required and advanced coursework in adult neurogenic communication disorders and provide clinical supervision for speech language pathology students. My previous work experience includes managing an interdisciplinary day neuro rehabilitation program for adults with acquired brain and practicing speech-language pathology in multiple medical settings across the continuum of care.


During my time at UT Dallas, I have developed and expanded multiple clinical programs. Each program was specifically designed for preparing future clinicians to deliver best practice speech-language services for diverse populations and disorders. My professional interests include rehabilitation of adult cognitive communication disorders, more specifically traumatic brain injury and right hemisphere impairment. I have collaborated with a nationally renowned rehabilitation facility to create an on-site medical experience for UT Dallas graduate students. This clinical opportunity has enhanced student preparation in adult neurogenic disorders and improved relations with other speech-language pathologists in the community. A supplementary goal of this collaboration has been to foster additional mentoring and training opportunities for UT Dallas students by experienced speech pathologists.


Research Interests


I work with and teach adult neurogenic communication disorders with a particular interest in Cognitive Rehabilitation for individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury and Right Hemisphere Dysfunction.


Recent Publications