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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Hanna Ulatowska


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About Hanna Ulatowska


My primary area of research activity is neurolinguistics, and more specifically, investigations of discourse in aphasia, dementia and advanced aging. The focus of this research is the characterization of communicative competence of these populations and how it relates to preservations and impairments of both linguistic and cognitive functioning. In this research, I have been especially concerned with developing methodologies which are suitable for tapping the discourse changes in adult neurogenic populations. Another research focus deals with the effects of different language types on the disruption of language in aphasia which stems from my investigations of aphasia in Polish. I have been also involved in studies dealing with processing of metaphorical language in the form of proverbs in a variety of neurogenic and culturally diverse populations. More recently, I have been investigating discourse in African Americans with aphasia. Also, in Poland, I have been studying the representation of camp experiences in narratives told by elderly concentration camp survivors.


Research Interests


My primary research area is neurolinguistics and more specifically, the investigation of language changes associated with aphasia, dementia and normal aging. The primary focus in my investigation is on connected language, i.e. discourse. My discourse studies are characterized by a strong interdisciplinary approach since they take into account the interrelationship of social, linguistic, and cognitive information inherent in the process of communicating.


Recent Publications


Book Chapters

Ulatowska, H.K. & Kadzielawa, D. (2011). Legacy Through Language and Photography of an Auschwitz Survivor. In: Survivors of Nazi Persecution in Europe after the Second World War (Vol 2, pp. 267-280). Vallentine Mitchell Publishers. Middlesex, UK.


Ulatowska, H.K. (2010). Journey Through Narratives: The Unexpected Vistas. In B. Bokus (Ed). "Studies in the Psychology of Language and Communication" (pp. 135-147). Warszawa: Matrix Publications.


Journal Articles

Ulatowska, H.K., Reyes, B.A., Olea Santos, T., Garst, D., Vernon, J., McArthur, J. (in press). Personal Narratives in Aphasia: Understanding Narrative Competence. Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation.


Ulatowska, H.K., Reyes, B., Olea Santos, T., Worle, C. (2011). Stroke Narratives in Aphasia: The Role of Reported Speech. Aphasiology, 25, 93-105.


Olness, G.S., Ulatowska, H.K. (2011). Personal Narratives in Aphasia: Coherence in the Context of Use. Special Issue in Aphasiology (Discourse in Aphasia).


Ulatowska, H.K., & Olness, G.S. (2007). Pragmatics and Discourse. Seminars in Speech and Language, 148-157.