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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Anne van Kleeck


Anne van Kleeck


Callier Center for Communication Disorders Research Scholar

PhD, University of Washington

Child Language, Preliteracy


CD A.101

214-905-3147 phone email


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Research Interests


My research focuses primarily on preliteracy development, socialization, assessment, and intervention, both in children who are typically developing and those with language disorders. I am also interested in both cultural and historical variation in beliefs and practices that impact children’s preliteracy development. Some of our recent work has centered on preschoolers’ higher-level oral language foundations for later higher-level reading comprehension, including inferencing, producing narratives, and engaging in classroom discourse (“school talk”). Other work focuses on a book-sharing intervention targeting early semantic relations in young children with language delays.


Recent Publications


van Kleeck, A., Schwarz, A. L., Fey, M., Kaiser, A., Miller, J., & Weitzman, E. (in press). Should we use telegraphic or grammatical input with children in the early stages of language development who have language impairments? A systematic review of the research and expert opinion. American Journal of Speech Language Pathology.


Price, L. H., van Kleeck, A., & Huberty, C. J. (2009). Talk during book sharing between parents and preschool children: A comparison between storybook and expository book conditions. Reading Research Quarterly, 44(2), 171 – 194.


Vander Woude, J., van Kleeck, A., & Vander Veen, E. (2009) Book sharing and the development of meaning. In P. Rhyner (Ed.), Emergent literacy and language development: Promoting learning in early childhood (pp. 36 – 77). New York: Guilford Press.