The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences


Participating in internships — as well as research, volunteer and service activities — while in college gives students opportunities to apply academic concepts in practice and also allows the exploration of possible future occupations. The learning and skills acquired in such experiences help students become more competitive candidates in the workplace. Another benefit is the development and enhancement of transferable skills such as communication, critical thinking, leadership, diversity, ethics, social responsibility and teamwork. Students can enroll in one of two BBS internships courses, depending on individual needs, interests and experiences:

  • CLDP/CGS/NSC/PSY/4394; SPAU 4396 Field Internship (3.0 credits, Credit/No Credit) —
    For this course, students intern on a volunteer, unpaid basis in a local setting for approximately eight hours per week. They also participate in a bimonthly seminar and complete other assignments related to their internship experiences. Students are responsible for securing their own internships, although BBS advisors can help identify potential field internship sites. Students MUST see Janie Shipman to register for the internship class.
  • CGS/CLDP/PSY 4395 Cooperative Fieldwork Internship (3.0 credits, Credit/No Credit) —
    Students who are currently employed in a setting related to their major may be eligible to receive credit for their experiences through this internship course. In the Co-op Fieldwork course students may also work in paid internships in for-profit business settings for a minimum of eight hours per week. In addition to their work in the setting, students follow a syllabus and complete other assignments related to their experience. To obtain more information about the Cooperative Fieldwork Internship and to register for the course, students must contact Mickey Choate at (972) 883-4270

Requirements for BBS Internship Courses

  • Students must be undergraduate juniors or seniors.
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Students must secure their own field placement.
  • Students must begin working at their placement site during the first week of the term.
  • Students must attend a mandatory orientation before the internship begins.
  • Students must complete a profile and upload a resume to a Handshake account.
  • As representatives of UT Dallas, interns must conduct themselves professionally at all times.
  • Students working full-time jobs are strongly discouraged from registering for an internship course.

Registration in a BBS Internship Course

Interns are selected by the field sites, so students are responsible for securing their own internships. A student may obtain a list of potential and approved internship sites from a BBS advisor, or contact Janie Shipman in the Career Center. Then, if that student meets the criteria for an internship course and would like to register, the student must first complete the Career Center’s internship eligibility process.