The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences


The Blackberry Project is a large, longitudinal study investigating the developmental origins of individual differences in aggressive behavior and developmental outcomes associated with engaging in and being the victim of social and physical aggression.

Now operating at UT Dallas and Purdue University, the Blackberry Project explores how youth use electronic communication in their peer relationships. Given the increasing numbers of youth who spend massive amounts of time online and the importance of peer relations for children’s future adjustment, it is critical that we understand how children use this medium with peers for good or for ill. If we wish to prevent social aggression and to create a climate of belonging and acceptance among youth, we have no choice but to study online communication, to examine how children use the potentially powerful electronic grapevine. — Marion Underwood, PhD, Principal Investigator

We are currently looking for teens 13 — 15 years old to participate in a research study examining Instagram. Families will receive $50 for participating. Interested parents can contact Kaitlyn Burnell at [email protected] for more information.

Student on cellphone