Welcome to the Developmental Neurolinguistics Laboratory
(BrainLab) at the Callier Center - Dallas


Our current research investigates what happens in children’s brains as they learn new words, how this changes with age, and if we can identify ways to predict which kids might struggle and why. We are currently looking for children ages 5-15 years to take part in our studies. For more information, visit the “For Parents” section of our website by clicking on the above tab. To schedule an appointment, email the lab at [email protected] or call (214) 905-3164.

We are also accepting applications for undergraduate research assistants interested in gaining hands-on experience in an EEG lab. For more information, visit the “Students” section of our website.


Rm A118, 1966 Inwood Road, Dallas, Texas 75235
Phone: (214) 905-3000
Email: [email protected]