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2021 Archive

Jan 25, 2021
Virtual Event
Craig Stark, PhD
UC Irvine
Old Brains, New Tricks: Can Environmental Enrichment Improve Our Aging Memory?
Feb 8
Virtual Event
Rik Henson, PhD
Medical Research Council Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK
Relating Age, Brain, and Cognition: Results From the Cambridge Centre for Aging & Neuroscience
Feb 22
Virtual Event
BoKyung Park, PhD
UT Dallas
The Role of Right Temporoparietal Junction in Processing Social Prediction Error Across Relationship Contexts
Mar 8
Virtual Event
Darrell Worthy, PhD
Texas A&M University
Proactive Versus Reactive Decision-Making Strategies in Younger and Older Adults
Mar 22
Virtual Event
Nancy Dennis, PhD
Penn State University
Age Deficits in Neural Discriminability and its’ Relationship to Memory
Apr 5
Virtual Event
Yune Lee, PhD
UT Dallas
The Brain, Music, and Well-being: The BMW Story
Apr 19
Virtual Event
Mariam Aly, PhD
Columbia University
How Hippocampal Memory Shapes, and is Shaped by, Attention
Sep 20, 2021
In-Person and Virtual Event
Michael Rugg, PhD
Director, Center for Vital Longevity
Neural Selectivity, Retrieval-Related Reinstatement, and Age-Related Memory Decline
Sep 27
In-Person and Virtual Event
Joseph Hennessee, PhD
Center for Vital Longevity at UT Dallas
Relationships Between Functional Lateralization and Fluid Ability Across the Lifespan
Oct 4
In-Person and Virtual Event
Sherwood Brown, MD, PhD, MBA
UT Southwestern
Asthma and the Brain
Oct 11
In-Person and Virtual Event
William Dauer, MD
UT Southwestern
From Molecule to Movement: Dissecting the Path from Dystonia Mutation to Motor Circuit Dysfunction
Oct 18
In-Person and Virtual Event
Theodore Satterthwaite, MD
University of Pennsylvania
Development of the Association Cortex in Youth
Oct 25
In-Person and Virtual Event
Natalie C. Ebner, PhD
University of Florida
Understanding and Promoting Social-Cognitive and Affective Aging
Nov 1
In-Person and Virtual Event
Jerillyn Kent, PhD
UT Dallas
Cognitive Control: From Motor Inhibition to Novel Therapeutic Intervention
Nov 11
In-Person and Virtual Event
David Badre, PhD
Brown University
The Organization of Neural Representations for Cognitive Control
Nov 29
In-Person and Virtual Event
Spencer Bowen, PhD
UT Southwestern
Precision Neuroimaging in Nuclear Medicine: It’s About Time
Dec 6
In-Person and Virtual Event
Amy Pinkham, PhD
UT Dallas
Paranoia in Psychosis and Beyond


2020 Archive

Feb 10 Michelle Carlson, PhD
Johns Hopkins Medical School
Designing Real-World Interventions to Promote Activity and Neurocognitive Health
Feb 17 Dr. Brad Cannell
UT Health Sciences Center
Novel Approaches to Detecting Elder Abuse and Neglect in the Community
Feb 24 Ana Solodkin, PhD
UT Dallas
Mechanisms of Disconnection in Alzheimer’s Disease: A Neuroinformatics Approach
Mar 2 Jessica Damoiseaux, PhD
Wayne State University
Neural Correlates of Cognitive Aging and Risk Factors for Cognitive Decline
Mar 9 Holly Bowen, PhD
Southern Methodist University
Effects of Aging on Reward-Motivated Memory
Mar 23
Event Canceled
Joseph Hennessee, PhD
UT Dallas
Prefrontal Lateralization and Fluid Ability Across the Lifespan
Mar 30
Event Canceled
Sherwood Brown, PhD
Corticosteroid Effects on the Hippocampus and Other Brain Regions
Apr 6
Event Canceled
Peter Gianaros, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Neurobiology of Stress, Emotion, and Risk for Heart Disease
Apr 13
Event Canceled
Meghan Swanson, PhD
UT Dallas
Cortical Language Neurobiology in Infants With and Without Autism
Apr 20
Event Canceled
Ted Satterthwaite, MD
University of Pennsylvania
Challenges and Opportunities in Understanding Brain Network Development in Youth
Apr 27
Event Canceled
Chandramallika Basak, PhD
UT Dallas
Cardiovascular Health as a Modifier of Cognitive Control and its Related Brain Functions in Healthy Aging
Oct 5, 2020
Virtual Event
Chandramallika Basak, PhD
UT Dallas
Cardiovascular Health as a Protective Factor Against Age-Related Declines in Executive Functioning
Oct 19
Virtual Event
Luke Moraglia and Meghan Swanson, PhD
UT Dallas
Moving Beyond Classic Models of Language Neurobiology Using Partial Least Squares: Broad Cortical Regions Support Language in Infants with Autism
Nov 2
Virtual Event
Derek Isaacowitz, PhD
Northeastern University
Socioemotional Aging: Expecting Differences, Finding (Some) Similarities
Nov 16
Virtual Event
S. Duke Han, PhD
University of Southern California
Financial Decision Making in Old Age: Neuropsychology, Neuroimaging, and Policy Considerations


2019 Archive

Feb 4 Katy Thorn, PhD
UT Dallas
Neuromodulatory Signaling in Motor Cortical Plasticity
Feb 11 Mark Mapstone, PhD
UC Irvine
Blood Markers of Cognition in Health and Disease
Feb 18 Mark Baxter, PhD
Ichan School of Medicine, Mount Sinai
Cognitive & Socio-emotional Development After Repeated Exposure to General Anesthesia in Infant Rhesus Monkeys
Feb 25 Amy Pinkham, PhD
UT Dallas
Social Cognition and Introspective Accuracy as Determinants of Functional Outcomes in Schizophrenia
Mar 4 Morgan Barense, PhD
University of Toronto
Understanding Memory Disorders: At the Level of Cognitive Process or Representational Content
Mar 11 Steve Nelson, PhD
Waco VA Medical Center
An Attempt at Explaining the Relationship Between BOLD Deactivations, Attentional Control, and Learning & Memory
Apr 1 Shawn McClintock, PhD
UTSW Psychiatry
Advancing Magnetic Seizure Therapy Through Translational Neurocognitive Science
Apr 8
Event Canceled
Brian Gold, PhD
University of Kentucky
Neurocognitive Aging: Investigating Contributions of Clinically Silent Pathology and Cognitive Reserve
Apr 15 Anke Henning, PhD
UTSW Radiology
Metabolic Imaging of the Human Brain Using 9.4T MRI: from Systems Architecture to Neuroscience
Apr 22 Chris Foster, PhD
UT Dallas – CVL
Age Related Memory Differences: What Can and Cannot be Controlled
Apr 26 Elizabeth Phelps, PhD
Harvard University
Mechanisms of Threat Control
Apr 29
Event Canceled
Elizabeth Kensinger, PhD
Boston College
The Good, the Bad, and the Forgotten: Emotional Memory Across the Adult Lifespan
Sep 9, 2019 Andrew Watrous, PhD
UT Austin
Adaptively Optimized Spectral Analysis of Oscillations Subserving Human Memory
Sep 16 David Frank, PhD
Texas A&M University Commerce
The Moderating Role of Task Characteristics on Skill Acquisition and Performance
Sep 23 Brian Gold, PhD
University of Kentucky
Neurocognitive Aging: Investigating Contributions of Clinically Silent Pathology and Cognitive Reserve
Sep 30 Kendra Seaman, PhD
UT Dallas
Modeling Value in Decision Making
Oct 14 Paul Verhaeghan, PhD
Georgia Tech
There’s Nothing Wrong with Cognitive Aging and Here is What to do About it
Oct 28 Todd Braver, PhD
Washington University
Flexible Neural Mechanisms of Cognitive Control
Nov 4 W. Jay Dowling, PhD
UT Dallas
Music and Consciousness
Nov 11
Binu Thomas, PhD
UT Southwestern
Canceled – Aging and Mild Cognitive Impairment: Deterioration in Brain Function. Can Exercise Ameliorate it?
Nov 18
Julia Evans, PhD
UT Dallas
Canceled – Poles, Bowls and Dinosaur Bones: How Atypical Lexical Representations May Derail Sentence Comprehension in Children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI)
Dec 2 Michael Rugg, PhD
UT Dallas
Episodic and Semantic Memory, Not so Different After All?


2018 Archive

Jan 22 Avanti Dey, PhD
Center for Vital Longevity, UT Dallas
Contributions of Executive Control to Speech Perception During Aging
Feb 5 Susan Landau, PhD
University of California, Berkeley
Amyloid and Tau at the Margins of Alzheimer’s Disease
Feb 12 Joseph Maldjian, MD
UT Southwestern
Head Impact Exposure in Youth and High School Football
Feb 19 Sara Burke, PhD
University of Florida
A Systems-level Understanding of Cognitive Aging in Pre-clinical Models
Feb 26 Robert Rennaker, PhD
UT Dallas
Enhancing Neural Plasticity to Enhance Functional Recovery from Neurological Injuries and Disease
Mar 5 Julius (Trey) Hedden, PhD
Harvard Medical School
Linking Brain Imaging Markers to Cognitive Change
Mar 6 Joel Voss, PhD
Northwestern University
Testing Functional Properties of Episodic Memory Networks Using Noninvasive Stimulation
Mar 19 Joseph Pancrazio, PhD
UT Dallas
Emerging Neurotechnology for Phenotypic Screening of Neurotherapeutics
Apr 2 Micaela Chan, PhD
Center for Vital Longevity, UT Dallas
The Effect of Socioeconomic Status on the Brain Across the Lifespan
Apr 16 Mustafa Husain, PhD
UT Southwestern
Evolution of Convulsive Treatment in Psychiatry: From ECT to MST
Apr 23 Noah Sasson, PhD
UT Dallas
Mechanisms of Social Impairment in Adults with Autism
Apr 25 Adam Gazzaley, PhD
University of California, San Francisco
Technology Meets Neuroscience — A Vision of the Future of Brain Optimization
Sep 10 Mike Motes, PhD
UT Dallas
Combining Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with Cognitive Processing Therapy to Treat Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Sep 17 Jiyoung Park, PhD
UT Dallas
Cultural Shaping of Emotional Processing: A Cultural Neuroscience Approach
Sep 24 Erin Horne
UT Dallas graduate student
Age-related Differences in Event-related Potential Correlates of Episodic Encoding and Retrieval
Sep 27

Lecture Canceled

Craig Stark, PhD
University of California, Irvine
Altering Human Hippocampal Function Through Aging and Environmental Enrichment
Oct 1 Jeffrey Yau, PhD
Baylor University
Cue Combination Within and Across the Senses
Oct 8 Marc Diamond, MD
UT Southwestern
Linking Structure and Disease Through Tau Prions
Oct 15 Paul Hill, PhD
UT Dallas
Comparison of fMRI and Intracranial EEG Metrics of Successful Memory Encoding
Oct 22 Gagan Wig, PhD
UT Dallas
Brain Network Aging
Oct 29 Michelle Voss, PhD
University of Iowa
Benefits of Physical Activity and Fitness on Memory Systems Affected by Aging
Nov 12 Gregory Samanez-Larkin, PhD
Duke University
Decision-making in the Aging Brain
Nov 26 Jun Yamamoto, PhD
Duke University
The Dynamics of Hippocampal-Entorhinal Memory System in Mice
Dec 3 David Salat, PhD
Harvard University
Cerebrovascular Contributions to Brain Aging and Dementia


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