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2020 Archive

Jan 16 Brendon Mizener
PhD Student, UT Dallas
Real Time Modulation Perception in Western Classical Music
Jan 30 Lyndahl Himes
PhD Student, UT Dallas
The Relationship Between Trait Mindfulness and Emotional Reactivity Following Mood-Manipulation
Apr 2
Event Canceled
Stephanie Wilson
Apr 9
Event Canceled
Amy Berglund-Barraza
PhD Student, UT Dallas
Assessing the Impact of Word Frequency on Cognitive Effort During Verbal Working Memory Tasks Using Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)
Apr 23
Virtual Event
Saad Ali Alghamdi
PhD Student, UT Dallas
The Effects of Age on Subjective and Objective Estimates of Recollection


2019 Archive

Jan 16 Jeffrey Hullfish, MSc
UT Dallas
The Role of Nucleus Accumbens in Tinnitus
Jan 30 Danny Cordova
UT Dallas Multicultural Center
Feb 13 Salena Brody, PhD
UT Dallas
Teaching on the 3rd Rail — Maximizing Learning When Topics are Controversial
Feb 20 Amy Pinkham, PhD
UT Dallas
Understanding Social Dysfunction in Schizophrenia: Where are we and where are we going?
Feb 27 Matthew Johns, MEd
UT Dallas Galerstein Gender Center
Transgender 101
Mar 13 Linda Nguyen
UT Dallas
Using the Implicit Association Test to Detect Deception
Mar 27 Kieth Gryder, BA
UT Dallas
Effects of Timbre Encoding Specificity for Musicians and Nonmusicians
Apr 3 Jiyoung Park, PhD
UT Dallas
When Watching Eyes of Men Evoke Stereotype Threat: An Event-Related Brain Potential (ERP) Investigation
Apr 10 Jacquline Prince
UT Dallas Galerstein Gender Center
Like a Boss: Mini-Workshop
Apr 17 Cynthia Frosch, PhD
University of North Texas
Teaching Beyond the Test: Reflections on Creative Assessment of Student Learning
Apr 24 Samantha Helfers
Doctoral Student, UT Dallas
Examining the Association Among Sleep Problems, Relationship Satisfaction, and Gratitude in Romantic Relationships
May 1 Shane Solis
UT Dallas
Social Aggression and Relationship Quality within Parent and Peer Interactions
Sep 19, 2019 Shayla Holub, PhD
UT Dallas
Tips for Success in Graduate School: How to Make the Most of Your Time in BBS
Sep 26 Robert Morrison
UT Dallas — Texas Biomedical Device Center
Enhancing Recovery After Neurological Injury Using Targeted Plasticity Therapy and Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Oct 3 Ekarin Pongpipat
UT Dallas
Functional Connectivity of Frontoparietal and Default Mode Networks During N-Back Across the Adult Lifespan
Oct 10 Mark Zuppichini
UT Dallas
Processing Speed Explains Verbal Learning and Memory Performance in Multiple Sclerosis
Oct 31 Eleanor Liu
UT Dallas
Prestimulus Subsequent Memory Effects in Young and Older Adults
Nov 7 Mackenzie Taylor
UT Dallas
Differential Relationship Between Behavioral Approach and Inhibition Motivation Systems (BIS/BAS) and Intrinsic Brain Connectivity in Adult Cannabis Users and Non-Users
Nov 14 Salena Brody, PhD and
Samantha Helfers
UT Dallas Dallas
Teaching With Care
Nov 21 Kilee Debrander
UT Dallas
Social and Non-Social Self-Assessment in Autistic Adults
Dec 5 Katie Austin
UT Dallas
Invisible Support and Individual and Relationship Outcomes


2018 Archive

Jan 10 Jacqueline Prince
Galerstein Gender Center
UT Dallas
Gender Center Mini-workshop: “Gender Box”
Jan 31 Hans Klein
PhD student, UT Dallas
Examining Reasoning Biases in Schizophrenia Usin a Modified “Jumping to Conclusions” Probabilistic Reasoning Task
Feb 21 Suzie Pruitt
PhD student, UT Dallas
Microaggressions! The Big Impact of Small Things
Mar 7 Walter Dowling
UT Dallas
Encoding and Retrieval in Memory for Melodies
Mar 21 Matt Hill
PhD student, UT Dallas
Effects of Body Context on Face Processing Across the Visual Field
Mar 28 Kerry Tate
Office of Student Accessibility, UT Dallas
Student Disability Rights
Apr 4 Olivia Smith
PhD student, UT Dallas
Interparental and Parent-Child Conflict Predicting Adolescent Depressive Symptoms
Apr 11 Sheila Meldrum
PhD student, UT Dallas
Aging & Associative Recognition for Faces & Other Things
Apr 18 Jacqueline Prince
PhD student, UT Dallas
Feminism 101
Apr 25 Kaitlyn Burnell
PhD student, UT Dallas
Self-Presentation on Facebook: Peer Correlates and Adjustment Outcomes of Different Types of Online Self-Presentation
May 2 Kaitlin Sands
PhD student, UT Dallas
Accepting or Discerning: Do Preschoolers Have Preferences for Certain Types of Explanations of Biological Causality?
Sep 12 Courtney Terry
UT Dallas
Parents’ Beliefs in Children’s Energy Regulation Abilities and Children’s Food Refusal
Sep 19 Namrata Das
UT Dallas
Brain Energy Metabolism: A Study Using 31P Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Sep 26 Shayla Holub, PhD and Jasmin Stubblefield
UT Dallas
Tips for Success in Graduate School
Oct 17 Megan Adelson
UT Dallas
An Investigation of the Relationship between Rejection Sensitivity, Perceived Partner Self-Disclosure, and Sleep Quality in Couples
Nov 7 Matthew Johns
Assistant Director for LGBT+ Programs, UT Dallas
Nov 14 Sining (Saniya) Wu
UT Dallas
Relational Intimacy, Attributions, and Recovery from Conflict in Cohabiting Couples
Nov 28 Erin Venza
UT Dallas
Enhancing Executive Function and Underlying Brain Systems in Bipolar Disorder Through Reasoning Training
Dec 5 Yuefeng Huang, MSc
UT Dallas
Using High-Definition Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Targeting the Posterior Cingulate Cortex to Improve Word Retrieval


2017 Archive

Jan 31 Jonathon Shasteen What Do They Think of Me? Personality Meta-perception in Schizophrenia
Feb 7 Dr. Andrea Warner-Czyz The Effect of Hearing Loss on Bullying in Adolescents
Feb 14 No DCS Talk  
Feb 21 Deyaun Villarreal, Olivia Smith, Brittany Boyer Ways to Improve Student Learning: A Discussion of Stephen Chew’s CTL Workshop
Feb 28 No DCS Talk TBA
Mar 7 Monroe Turner All Shapes and Sizes: Modeling the Blood-Oxygen-Level-Dependent Hemodynamic Response Function in Multiple Sclerosis without Shape Assumptions
Mar 14 No DCS Talk  
Mar 21 Dr. Mandy Maguire Understanding the Vocabulary Gap Between Grade Schoolers from High and Low Income Homes Using Brain and Behavioral Data: Preliminary Findings
Mar 28 Xi Chen Cognitive Predictors of Everyday Problem Solving Across the Lifespan
Apr 11

Talk Canceled
Claire Matthews
Brock University
Recognizing Faces in Photographs: Lessons from Other-Race Faces and Child Development
Apr 18 Dr. Candice Mills Sparking Children’s Interest in Learning More About Science
Apr 25 Matt Johns and Cody Kuhn Supporting LGBT+ Students in the Classroom
Aug 29 Shayla Holub, PhD, Noah Sasson, PhD, and Jasmin Stubblefield,
UT Dallas
Tips for Success in Grad School
Sep 5 Noah Sasson, PhD
UT Dallas
Interpersonal Mechanisms of Social Disability in Adults on the Autism Spectrum
Sep 12 Kevin Carson
UT Dallas
Attachment and Humor Use in Romantic Relationships: The Role of Situational Context
Sep 19 Candice Mills, PhD and Shayla Holub, PhD
UT Dallas
Reflections on Harassment: A Case Study and Implications for Fostering Positive Environments
Sep 26 Julie Schneider
UT Dallas
Language Acquisition and Comprehension: What we Have Learned From the Brain
Oct 3 Jacqueline Cavazos
UT Dallas
Recognizing Own- and Other-Race Faces in Contiguous or Distributed Learning Sequences
Oct 10 Maria Boylan
UT Dallas
Greater Fronto-Parietal Modulation After Middle Age During N-back is Associated with Better Cognitive Performance
Oct 17


David Hoagey
UT Dallas
Localizing White Matter Connections Essential to Maintaining Executive Function Performance Across the Lifespan
Oct 24 Giuseppe Miranda
UT Dallas
COMT Val158Met is Associated with Cortical Thickness, Which Mediates the Relationship Between COMT and Executive Function
Nov 7


Olivia Smith
UT Dallas
Interparental and Parent-Child Conflict Predicting Adolescent Depressive Symptoms
Nov 14 Asal Baragchizadeh
UT Dallas
Identity Matching of Unfamiliar People from Point-Light Biological Motion
Nov 28 Ju-Chi Yu
UT Dallas
Multiple Correspondence Analysis Reveals the Relationship Between FTD and Pre-Clinical Occupation
Dec 5 Ying Hu
UT Dallas
Personality Inferences from Body Shapes


2016 Archive

Jan 21 Eilidh Noyes, PhD,
University of York
Face Recognition in Challenging Situations
Jan 28 David Martinez,
BBS Doctoral Student
Cognitive Training Modulated Changes in White Matter and Neuropsychological Performance in Mild-to-Moderate Chronic TBI
Feb 4 Hye Bin Yoo Structural MR Image Analysis in Tinnitus Patients
Feb 11 Ryan McMahan Training with Virtual Reality Technologies
Feb 18 Brittany Boyer and
Kerrianne Morrison
The Reader Expectation Approach: Main Points and Discussion of George Gopen’s Writing Workshop
Feb 25 Rosanna Guadagno, PhD “How To” on Manuscript Review
Mar 3 Jay Dowling, PhD Musical Expertise and Familiarity in the Perception of Modulation in Western and South Indian Classical Music
Mar 10 Jackie Nelson, PhD, Brittany Boyer, Deyaun Villarreal & Olivia Smith (all three are BBS Doctoral Students) Mothers’ Daily Stress and Conflict Interactions with their Children
Mar 31 Mehmet Günal Survival Processing for Unknown Faces
Apr 7 No DCS Talk TBD
Apr 14 Julie Schneider,
BBS Doctoral Student
How the Brain Predicts Words During Word Learning
Apr 21 Jesse Poucher,
BBS Doctoral Student
Please Don’t Leave Me: The Interaction Between Relationship Contingent Self Worth and Couple Conflict
Apr 28 Conrad Corretti,
BBS Doctoral Student
Aug 30 Dr. Shayla Holub and
Jasmin Stubblefield
The Successful Grad Student: Insights and Tips on How to Make Your Time at UT Dallas Work For You
Sep 6 Kerrianne Morrison A Comparison of Social Skills between Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Schizophrenia
Sep 13 Whitney Wells Talk about the UT Dallas Career Center
Sep 20 Justin Eroh Do We Need to Practice to Improve? Evidence of Generalization Following a Novel Visuo-touch Feedback Task
Sep 27 Matt Kmiecik Semantic and Lexical Characteristics of Sentence Completions in Chronic Phase Traumatic Brain Injury
Oct 4 James Ryland Modeling Hybrid Theories of Object Recognition
Oct 11 Dr. W. Jay Dowling Progress from Analytic to Global Perception of Modulations with increased Familiarity with Music
Oct 18 Kevin J. Carson and Dr. Robert Ackerman Problem Solving in Romantic Relationships: The Role of Attachment-Related Individual Differences in Goal Adoption for Serial Arguments
Oct 25 Julie Schneider Writing an F31
Nov 1 Julie Biemer You Don’t Know How Much You Mean to Me: The Impact of and Motivations for Withholding Intimacy in Romantic Relationships
Nov 8 Deyaun Villarreal Longitudinal Associations between Family Members’ Internalizing Symptoms: The Indirect Effect of Emotional Support
Nov 15 Marci Horn Subjective Memory Assessment and Memory Performance: Role of Mood, APOE Genotype, and Beta-amyloid Deposition

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2015 Archive

Jan 21 Rob Ackerman, PhD Power Analysis for the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model
Jan 28 Amanda Hahn Forensic Examiners’ Performance on Facial Comparisons
Feb 4 Julie Schneider Using Time-Frequency Analysis to Better Understand Real-Time Sentence Processing
Feb 18 Brittany Boyer and Justin Scott Maternal Conflict Behavior Profiles and Child Social Skills
Mar 4 Matt Brown, PhD and Eun Ah Lee Exploring Implicit Understanding of Engineering Ethics in Students Teams
Mar 25 Jon Shasteen You Mad, Bro? A Facial Threat Advantage in the Absence of Anger
Apr 8 Cherise Chin-Fatt Assessing the Relationship Between Cognitive Measures and Functional Connectivity in Alzheimer’s Disease
Apr 15 Rick Addante, PhD The Unconscious Hippocampus: What if it Does the Things Which We Say it Doesn’t Do?
Apr 22 Danny Pacheco Change in Self-Regulation Among Low-Income, Ethnic Minority Preschoolers: A Person-Centered Approach
Apr 29 D. S. Gorfein, PhD On the Effects of Word Meaning Selection
Sep 10 Talk Cancelled  
Sep 17 Sydney Rowles How Children Weigh Competence and Social Engagement When Seeking Help From Others
Sep 24 Matthew Hill Exploring the Relationship Between Body Shapes and Descriptions by Linking Similarity Spaces
Oct 1 Rob Ackerman, PhD and Conrad Corretti DCS Journal Club: Estimating the Reproducibility of Psychological Science
Oct 8 Amanda Hahn Classifying Neural Responses to Approaching Familiar and Unfamiliar People in Face and Body Selective Areas
Oct 15 Michael Kriegsman Toward Diffusion Tensor Imaging as a Diagnostic Tool: An Example in Alzheimer’s Dementia
Oct 22 Ryan McMahan, PhD Training with Virtual Reality Technologies
Oct 29 Patricia Hawley, PhD Evolution, Aggression, and Re-Evaluating the Mental Health Model
Nov 5 Amanda Kimbrough Mediated Communication and Idealization in Romantic Relationship
Nov 12 Ariel Ketcherside Stress, Drugs, and Pizza Rolls: Stress-induced aberrant reward-seeking behavior, and a proposed intervention
Nov 19 Hana Miric Selective Learning in Adults with TBI
Dec 3 Rosanna Guadagno, PhD Social Influence and Social Networking in the Wake of a Tornado

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2014 Archive

Jan 15 Sam Dewitt Adolescent Risk-Taking Behavior and Resting State Functional Connectivity
Jan 22 Jonathon Shasteen The Threat Superiority Effect: Why are Angry Faces Found More Quickly
Jan 29   TBD
Feb 5 Tatiana Peredo Maternal Sensitivity, Child Vocabulary, and Child Inhibitory Control Among Young Low-income Latino Children
Feb 12 Nicole Nelson A Facial Expression of Pax: What Children’s Recognition of Nonsense Expressions Can Tell Us About Emotion Knowledge
Feb 19   TBD
Feb 26 Shaurabh Nandy A Deeper Look at the Attraction Effect to Identify Problems with Estimating Choice Probabilities
Mar 5   TBD
Mar 12   Spring Break
Mar 19 Rob Ackerman, PhD and Conrad Corretti Roommate Relationship Development
Mar 26 Daniel Faso and Derek Beaton An Introduction to ANOVA in R (presentation materials)
Apr 2   TBD
Apr 9   TBD
Apr 16 Amanda Hahn Contributing Factors of Person Recognition in Natural Environments
Apr 23 Julie Schneider Developmental Differences of Neural Oscillations in Language Processing
Apr 30 Kari Stouffer The Effects of Prior Domain Knowledge and Cognitive Flexibility on Memory and Comprehension for Expository Text (Talk Cancelled)
May 7 Jenny Wong The Neural Correlates of Encoding Memory Associations
May 14 Fang Jiang, PhD Auditory Motion Processing After Early Blindness: An fMRI Study of Cross-modal Plasticity
Sep 3 Noah Sasson, PhD Measuring the Broad Autism Phenotype in Parents of a Child with Autism and the General Population
Sep 10 Ljubica "Libby" Damjanovic How Experience Shapes the Perception of Angry and Happy Facial Expressions: Cross-cultural and Real-world Applications of the Face in the Crowd Effect (FICE)
Sep 17 Brittany Boyer Graduate Students and Post-Docs Only: Tips for Publishing as a Graduate Student
Sep 24 Conrad Corretti and Daniel Faso The Broad Autism Phenotype and Roommate Relationships
Oct 1 Kristin Nordahl, PhD Early Father-child Interaction in a Father-friendly Context: Findings from the Behavior Outlook Norwegian Developmental Study (BONDS)
Oct 8 Jinkyung Na, PhD Cultural Modes of Reasoning Can Influence Interpersonal Liking and Political Elections
Oct 15 Kerrianne Morrison The Use of Conversational Discourse Markers in Adults with High-Functioning Autism
Oct 22 Sam Ehrenreich, PhD An Overview of NIH Funding Opportunities for First-time Applicants
Oct 29 Brittany Boyer BMI Trajectories in Early Childhood Predicting Cardiovascular Health in Adolescence
Nov 5 Maggie O’Connell Testing a Hierarchical Model of Working Memory: Influence of Age and Long-term Memory on Verbal Memory Updating
Nov 12 Sarah Kucker The Role of Novelty Biases and Vocabulary Knowledge in Word Learning
Nov 19 Kari Stouffer Effects of Prior Domain Knowledge and Cognitive Flexibility on Recall and Comprehension for Expository Text
Dec 3 Rosanna E. Guadagno, PhD Capturing the Elusive Vividness Effect: Figural Vividness and Persuassion
Dec 10 Ben Porter, PhD Making the Most of Conferences

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