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2020 Archive

Jan 10 Luca Campanelli The Cognitive Underpinnings of Language Processing: The Role of Memory and Expectations
Jan 17 Daniel Rasetshwane, PhD Theoretical and Translational Approach to the Study of Hidden Hearing Loss in Humans: Challenges and Opportunities
Jan 17
Special Time:
Carlos Benítez-Barrera The Relationship Between Children’s Auditory Environment and Brain Development
Jan 24 Sonia Singh Factors that Influence Statistical Learning in Connection with Reading and Learning Disorders
Feb 7 Yune Lee New Frontiers in Rehabilitation for Communication Disorders: Towards the Integration of Neuroimaging, Mobile Technology, and Music
Feb 14 Gabriel Cler Speech Motor Control in Neurodevelopmental Communication Disorders
Feb 21 Michael Ullman, PhD
Professor, Georgetown University
Language Learning Relies on Brain Circuits that Predate Humans:
Evidence from Typical and Atypical Language Development
Feb 28
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Anna Eppes
UT Dallas Student
Statistical Learning, Inhibition, and Working Memory Performance in Bilingual Young Adults
Mar 13 Laiah Factor
UT Dallas Postdoctoral Fellow
Novel Gesture Production in Children with Developmental Language Disorder: Phonological Deficits and What They Reveal About Language
Mar 27
Event Canceled
Teresa Drulia, PhD
Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University
Swallowing Safely and Efficiently in Persons with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Does Lung Volume Play a Role?
Apr 10
Event Canceled
Boji Lam, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of North Texas
A Closer Look at Two New Executive Function Measures: The Happy-Sad Task and the Emotional Verbal Fluency Task


2019 Archive

Jan 18 Christopher Spankovich, PhD, AuD
The University of Mississippi
Preventing Acquired Hearing Loss: Synapse to Society
Jan 25 Celia Escabi
UT Dallas student
An Evaluation of the QuickSIN and LiSN-S Tests Among Listeners with Age-Related Hearing Loss
Feb 1 BBS Colloquium No FLASH
Feb 8 Lisa Goffman, PhD
UT Dallas
Grant Update: Sequential Pattern Learning in Children with Developmental Language Disorder
Feb 15 John Hart, PhD
UT Dallas
PDST as a Semantic Memory Disorder
Feb 22 Graduate Students Poster Session (PACE) No FLASH
Mar 1 Kim Jenkins
Callier Post Doc
The Effects of Individual Differences on Grammatical Development in Dual Language Learners
Mar 8 BBS Colloquium No FLASH
Mar 15 Nasser Kehtarnavaz, PhD
UT Dallas
Bridging the Gap Between Development and Clinical Deployment of
Signal Processing Solutions for Hearing Enhancement
Mar 22 Spring Break No FLASH
Mar 29 Shruthi Ravi
UT Dallas student
Social Engagement Outcomes in a Parent Mediated Early Intervention Program for Toddlers with ASD
Apr 5 Neal Hall, PhD
UT Austin
Fly-Inspired Microphones and Acoustical MEMS at the University of Texas – Austin
Apr 12 BBS Colloquium No FLASH
Apr 19 Callier Prize Conference Week No FLASH
Apr 26 BBS Colloquium No FLASH
May 3 Delaney Evans
UT Dallas student
Visual Emotion Processing of Adolescents With and Without Cochlear Implants
Sep 13, 2019 Richard Neitzel, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Michigan
The Public Health Burden of Noise, and What We Can Do to Reduce it
Sep 20 Ted Mau, PhD
Associate Professor, UT Southwestern
Computational Laryngology: How Modeling and Simulation Inform the Voice
Sep 27 Erin Schafer, PhD
Professor, University of North Texas
Management of Auditory Processing Issues in Children and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Oct 4 Steven L. Small, PhD
Dean, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Aage and Margareta Moller Distinguished Professorship in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, UT Dallas
Network Neuroscience of Language Recovery After Stroke
Oct 11 Stephanie Fowler
Audiology Extern, UT Dallas
Measuring the Variety and Importance of Music Experiences for Adolescents with Typical Hearing and with Cochlear Implants
Oct 18 Kelly Fazal
UT Dallas Student
Visuomotor Pursuit Tracking (VMT) Accuracy for Intraoral Tongue Movement
Oct 25 BBS Colloquium No FLASH
Nov 1 Ahmed Rivera-Campos, PhD
Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University
Visual Biofeedback Training for Remediation of Speech Sound Errors
Nov 8 Daniel Pacheco, PhD
Post Doc- Children and Families Lab, UT Dallas
Relations Between Problem Behaviors and Executive Function in Very Young Low-Income Minority Children
Nov 15 Meghan Swanson, PhD
UT Dallas
The Supporting Role of Caregiver Speech In Early Language Development for Infants with and Without Autism
Nov 22 ASHA Convention No FLASH
Nov 29 Thanksgiving No FLASH
Dec 6 Monica Trevino
UT Dallas Student
The Acoustic Reflex: Putting the Gold Standard to the Test with Selective Inner Hair Cell Loss


2018 Archive

Jan 12   No FLASH
Jan 19   No FLASH
Jan 26 Patrick Reidy
UT Dallas
Characterizing the Development of Place of Articulation Contrasts During the Preschool Years
Feb 2 Courtney Byrd
UT Austin
Realizing the Mission of the Michael and Tami Lang Institute
Feb 9 John Hansen
UT Dallas
Speech Recognition and Diarization for Assessing Human Communication Interactions
Feb 16   No FLASH
Feb 23 BBS Colloquium No FLASH
Mar 2   No FLASH
Mar 9 Johanna Rudolph
UT Dallas
The Speakeasy App: A Usability Study
Mar 16   No FLASH
Mar 23 Karla McGregor
Bopys Town National Research Hospital
Cultural Influences on the Developing Semantic Lexicon
Mar 30 BBS Colloquium No FLASH
Apr 6 PhD Student Lightning Talk
UT Dallas
Come and hear about PhD students’ current interests and projects!
Apr 13 PhD Student Lightning Talk
UT Dallas
Come and hear about PhD students’ current interests and projects!
Apr 20 Ferenc Bunta
University of Houston
Speech and Language Production of Bilingual Children with Cochlear Implants: Highlights
Apr 27 BBS Distinguished Lecturer No FLASH
Aug 24   No FLASH
Aug 31   No FLASH
Sep 7 Sarah Grinn
UT Dallas
Ear Canal Resonance: Implications for Individual Susceptibility to Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Sep 14 BBS Colloquium No FLASH
Sep 21 Mitchell Frye
UT Dallas Callier Center Post Doc
Aberrant Immune States of the Inner Ear Resultant of Aging and Lower Level Noise
Sep 28 Tracy Centenni, PhD
New Insights on Heterogeneity in Dyslexia: From Gene to Brain to Behavior?
Oct 5 Daniel Scarpace, PhD
UT Arlington
The Acoustics and Perception of Resyllabification in English and Spanish
Oct 19 CCF Annual Forum No FLASH
Oct 26 Sara Benham
UT Dallas
Novel Phonological Sequence Learning in Early Typical and Atypical Development
Nov 2 Annette Glotfelty
UT Dallas
Effects of Silence Speech on Tongue Movements: An Electromagnetic Articulography Study of Consonants
Nov 9 Yvonne Ralph and Sonali Poudel
UT Dallas
Word Learning from Context and Underlying Cognitive Processes
Nov 16 ASHA Convention No FLASH
Nov 23 Thanksgiving No FLASH
Nov 30 Kristin Teplansky
UT Dallas
Monitoring Speech Decline Due to ALS Using 3D Acceleration pf Tongue and Lip Movement
Dec 7 Last week of classes No FLASH


2017 Archive

Jan 20 Bill Katz, Tom Campbell, Pat Reidy, UT Dallas Updates on Developing Communication Technology
Jan 27 Mary Pat Moeller, Boys Town National Research Hospital Longitudinal Outcomes of Children with Mild to Severe Hearing Loss: Auditory Experience Matters
Feb 3 Jun Wang, UT Dallas Towards Automatic Detection of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) from Short, Intelligible Speech Samples
Feb 10 Candice Mills, UT Dallas Sparking Children’s Interest in Learning More about Science
Feb 17 Linda Thibodeau, UT Dallas Benefits of Using Smart-phones as Assistive Devices for Those with Hearing Loss
Feb 24 BBS Colloquium

Scott Johnson, University of California, Los Angeles

Mar 10 BBS Colloquium

Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Harvard Medical School

Mar 17 Spring Break No FLASH
Mar 24 Olga Peskova, UT Dallas PhD Student Association between Perception and Production in Pediatric Cochlear Implant Users
Mar 31 Edward Lobarinas, UT Dallas Effect of Inner Hair Cell Loss and Afferent Damage on Functional Hearing
Apr 7 Svenja Gusewski, UT Dallas PhD Student Tense Marking in the English Narrative Retells of Dual Language Preschoolers
Apr 14 Sara Benham, UT Dallas PhD Student An Application of Network Science to the Speech Production of Children with SLI
Apr 21 Callier Prize Conference

Sharon Kujawa & 3 Additional Speakers, Harvard Medical School

Apr 28 BBS Colloquium

Margaret Owen, UT Dallas

Aug 25 First Week of Classes No FLASH
Sep 1 Labor Day Weekend No FLASH
Sep 8 Bharath Chandrasekaran,

UT Austin
Corticostriatal Systems in Auditory and Speech Categorization
Sep 15 BBS Welcome Back Luncheon No FLASH
Sep 22 Andrea Warner-Czyz, PhD
UT Dallas
Influence of Early Sign Exposure on Outcomes in Pediatric Cochlear Implant Users
Sep 29 Peter Assmann, PhD, Michelle Kapolowicz, Vahid Montazeri
UT Dallas
Children’s Voices, Foreign Accent, and the Perception of Speech in Adverse Conditions
Oct 6 Pamela Rollins, PhD
UT Dallas
Words are Not Enough: Providing the Context for Social Communication and Interaction
Oct 13 Meghan Davidson, PhD
UT Dallas
The Reader and the Text in ASD: The Cognitive, Linguistic, and Social Characteristics
Oct 20 Lindsey Hiebert
UT Dallas Doctoral Student
A Longitudinal Study of Language Growth and Deceleration in Bilingual Preschoolers
Oct 27 BBS Colloquium No FLASH
Nov 3 Haiying Yuan
UT Dallas Doctoral Student
Data Analysis Using Item Response Theory: A Study in the Prevalence of Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder
Nov 10 ASHA Convention No FLASH
Nov 17 Evdoxia Doli
UT Dallas Doctoral Student
On the Articulation of Consonant Clusters: Evidence from Greek
Nov 24 Thanksgiving No FLASH
Dec 1 BBS Colloquium No FLASH


2016 Archive

Jan 15 Mariam Kavakci A Preschooler-friendly Auditory Task Examining Procedural Learning
Jan 22 Nicholas Hubbard,
Center for BrainHealth
Executive Processes and Cognitive Performance: Advances from Clinical Science
Jan 29 Sudha Arunachalam, PhD,
Boston University
What Kinds of Linguistic Contexts Best Support Verb Acquisition?
Feb 5 BBS Colloquia

Lisa Goffman, PhD,
Purdue University

Feb 12 Heather Rusiewicz, PhD,
Dusquene University
Hands Up: The Clinical Use and Empirical Study of Gestures in the Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders
Feb 19 BBS Colloquium

David Brody, PhD,
Washington University in St. Louis

Feb 26 E. Susan Duncan, PhD Candidate,
University of California, Irvine
Brain Connectivity & Aphasia Recovery
Mar 4 Anusha Mohan Differences in Functional Connectivity Networks of the Brain in Tinnitus and Healthy Adults
Mar 11 Hannah Pourchot Contributing Factors to Expressive Vocabulary Development in Cochlear Implant Users
Mar 18 Spring Break No FLASH
Mar 25 BBS Colloquium

James Pennebaker, PhD,
UT Austin

Apr 1 Raul Rojas, PhD Happenings from the Bilingual Language Lab
Apr 8 Denise Finneran, PhD,
The University of Oklahoma
The Role of the Speech Input in Morpheme Production for Children From Diverse Linguistic Backgrounds
Apr 15 Meredith Scheppele Structural Lateralization of Cortical Language Areas
Apr 22 Mike Crary, PhD,
University of Central Florida
Spontaneous Swallowing Frequency: Development, Validation, Application, and Automation of a Novel Metric for Swallowing Integrity
Apr 29 BBS Colloquium

James Bartlett, PhD

Sep 9 PhD and Faculty Welcome Back Lunch at Green Hall No FLASH
Sep 16 Julie Fratantoni, UTD PhD Student Electrophysiological Correlates of Word Retrieval in Traumatic Brain Injury
Sep 23 Chin-Taun Tan, UT Dallas Towards a Closed-loop Assistive Hearing System
Oct 7 BBS Colloquium

Simine Vazire, UC Davis

Oct 14 Haiying Yuan, UTD PhD Student Assessment of Social and Pragmatic Language Skills in Individuals with Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder
Oct 21 Melissa Boone, UTD PhD Student Listener Perception of Communication Ability in Simulated Language Samples
Oct 28 Robert Burkard, PhD, University of Buffalo The Auditory Brainstem Response in Various Vertebrate (mostly mammalian) Species
Nov 4 Sishi Liu, UTD PhD Student Linguistic and Emotional Prosody in the Speech of Cochlear Implanted Mandarin-Chinese Speakers
Nov 11 Kathryn Wiseman, UTD PhD Student Inconsistent Device Use in Pediatric Cochlear Implant Users
Nov 18 ASHA Convention No FLASH
Nov 25 Thanksgiving Break No FLASH
Dec 2 James Booth, PhD, UT Austin How Does the Brain Learn to Read?
Dec 9 BBS Colloquium

Nina Kraus, PhD, Northwestern University


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2015 Archive

Jan 23 Noah Sasson, PhD The Broad Autism Phenotype in Parents of a Child with Autism and the General Population
Jan 30 Barbara Davis, PhD Lexical vs. Phonological Factors in Early Word Productions of Children
Feb 6 BBS Colloquia – Howard Eichenbaum, PhD No FLASH
Feb 13 Mary Beth Schmitt, PhD The Role of Behavior Regulation in Therapy for Children with Language Impairment
Feb 20 Denise Park, PhD The Scaffolding Theory of the Aging Mind: Can We Predict Successful Aging?
Feb 27   No FLASH
Mar 6 Margaret Owen, PhD Beyond the 30 Million Word Gap: Building a Communication Foundation is Essential for Early Language
Mar 13 William Katz, PhD A Web-Based Study of Texas Accents
Mar 20 Spring Break
Mar 27 Kelly Fazel Pursuit Tracking Studies: Investigating the Functional Basis of AOS
Apr 3 Olga Peskova TBD
Apr 10 BBS Colloquia – Richard Aslin, PhD No FLASH
Apr 17 Doris Baker, PhD Research Evidence of Building Children’s Vocabulary Instruction Early
Apr 24 BBS Colloquia – Ross Roeser, PhD No FLASH
May 1 Laurence Leonard, Pam Hadley, Marc Fey, Elena Plante Callier Prize
Sep 4 Amy Pinkham, PhD Linking Brain and Behavior to Understand Social Cognitive Impairment in Schizophrenia
Sep 11 Colleen Le Prell, PhD Clinical Trials for Hearing Protection
Sep 18 BBS Colloquium: Suzanne Corkin, PhD No FLASH
Sep 25 CCF Annual Fall Forum No FLASH
Oct 2 Vahid Montazeri Predicting the SRT of Cochlear Implant Listeners in the Presence of Background Noise
Oct 9 Holly Storkel, PhD Interactive Book Reading to Accelerate Word Learning by Kindergarten Children with SLI (Time Change: 10:00-11:00 a.m./Room Change: A229/Videolink Change: JO 4.306)
Oct 16 Ed Lobarinas, PhD Hidden Hearing Loss
Oct 23 BBS Colloquium: Nelson Cowan, PhD No FLASH
Oct 30 Stephen Rudolf Automating Research
Nov 6 Johanna Rudolph Risk Factors for Specific Language Impairment
Nov 13 ASHA Convention No FLASH
Nov 20 Ola Alsalman Can Transcranial Electrical Stimulation Suppress
Tinnitus Loudness and Tinnitus Related Distress?
Nov 27 Thanksgiving Break No FLASH
Dec 4 Christine Evans Cost Analysis of Delayed Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Follow-up

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2014 Archive

Jan 24 Ola A. Alsalman, PhD The Building of a Neural Psychological Immune Endocrine (T-NPIE) Model of Tinnitus
Jan 31 Anne van Kleeck, PhD Rethinking Preschool Oral Language Assessment: Differentiating Casual Talk, Academic Talk and Language Impairment
Feb 7 BBS Colloquium – Antonio Bechara, PhD Neural Systems Sub-Serving Decision-Making in Addiction Disorders
Feb 14 Katandria Love Johnson, DrPH Enhancing the Incorporation of Motivational Interviewing in Osteopathic Medical Programs
Feb 21 Andrea Warner-Czyz, PhD Bullying in Adolescents Using Cochlear Implants
Feb 28 Nancy Tye-Murray, PhD Auditory Visual Speech Recognition in the Aging Population
Mar 7 Audrey Holland, PhD A Procedure for Evaluating Communication in Individuals with Severe Aphasia
Mar 14   Spring Break
Mar 21 BBS Colloquium – Mari Jones, PhD Participatory Communication: A Case for Entrained Attending
Mar 28 Sonya Mehta Articulatory Distinction During Vowel Production: Implications for Second Language Learning
Apr 4 Julie Schneider Identifying Developmental Changes in Language Processing Using EEG
Apr 11 BBS Colloquium – Brent Roberts, PhD The Antecedents and Development of Conscientiousness Across the Life Course
Apr 18 Linda Thibodeau, PhD Good Hearing, Steady Feet – Developing Auditory Devices that Improve Hearing and Decrease the Risk for Falls
May 2 BBS Colloquium Special Event – Susan Jerger, PhD – Distinguished Lecturer in Behavioral and Brain Sciences Perceiving Things Not as They Are, But as We Are
Sep 5 BBS Reception No FLASH
Sep 12 Linda Thibodeau, PhD Good Hearing, Steady Feet – Developing Auditory Devices that Improve Hearing and Decrease the Risk For Falls
Sep 19 BBS Colloquia (Room Change: GR 4.428) No FLASH
Sep 26   No FLASH
Oct 3 Mike Motes, PhD Strategic Memory and Advanced Memory Training in Middle School Children
Oct 10 Melissa Boone, PhD Investigating Attention in Children with Specific Language Impairment: Models and Methods
Oct 17 Mandy Maguire, PhD EEG Correlates of Word Learning
Oct 24 BBS Colloquia (Room Change: GR 4.428) No FLASH
Oct 31 Pamela Rollins, PhD Precursors to Social Communication: An Intervention Study
Nov 7 Richard Tyler, PhD Current Approaches to Helping the Tinnitus Patient
Nov 14 Elizabeth Buell Characteristics of Secondary Auditory Fields in an Animal Model of Tinnitus
Nov 21 ASHA Convention No FLASH
Nov 28 Thanksgiving Holiday No FLASH
Dec 5 Mariam Kavakci, PhD Examining Implicit Procedural Motor Learning in Adults Using a Serial Picture Task

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