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2020 Archive

Jan 17
Stream on Zoom
Leanne Young, PhD
Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Taking SMART from the Laboratory to the Wild Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
Mar 13
Event Canceled
Steven Vernino, MD, PhD
UT Southwestern
Update on Autoimmune Encephalitis Sandra Chapman, PhD
Mar 27
Event Canceled
Swati Biwas, PhD
UT Dallas
Risk Prediction for Contralateral Breast Cancer and Substance Use Disorders Francesca Filbey, PhD
Apr 10
Event Canceled
Brendan Kelley, MD
UT Southwestern
TBD Sandra Chapman, PhD
Apr 17
Event Canceled
Sara Konrath, PhD
Indiana University
Empathy and its Implications in Uncertain Times Julie Fratantoni, PhD
Apr 24
Event Canceled
Ana Solodkin, PhD
UT Dallas
TBD Sandra Chapman, PhD
May 8
Event Canceled
Wendy Rogers, PhD
University of Illinois
TBD Sandra Chapman, PhD
May 29
Event Canceled
Jarrod Millman, PhD
University of California, Berkeley
TBD Dan Krawczyk, PhD


2019 Archive

Jan 18 Spencer Miller, MD
University of Mississippi School of Medicine
Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy: Using Brainwave Analysis to Personalize Neuromodulation Leanne Young, PhD
Jan 25 Catherine Thorn, PhD
UT Dallas
Neuromodulatory Signaling in Motor Cortical Plasticity Francesca Filbey, PhD
Feb 1 Stuart F. Cogan, PhD
UT Dallas
Ultramicroelectrodes for High-density Recording and Stimulation of the CNS Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Mar 8 Meghan Swanson, PhD
UT Dallas
Charting Brain, Behavior and the Home Environment to Understand Infants with Neurodevelopmental Disorders Dan Krawczyk, PhD
Mar 29 Amy Pinkham, PhD
UT Dallas
Understanding Social Dysfunction in Schizophrenia: The Roles of Social Cognition and Introspective Accuracy Dan Krawczyk, PhD
Apr 19 Hanli Lui, PhD
UT Arlington
Non-invasive Imaging and Boosting the Human Brain by NIR Light Dan Krawczyk, PhD
Apr 26 Adam Green, PhD
Georgetown University
Neuromodulation- and Real-World STEM Spatial Education-Based Improvements in Relational Reasoning Dan Krawczyk, PhD
May 31 Deborah Backus, PT, PhD FACRM
Shepherd Center, Atlanta, GA
Advancing Rehabilitation Science, Improving Lives Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Jun 7 Kirk Erickson, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Exercise and Brain Plasticity Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Jun 14 Eric Kildebeck, MD, PhD
UT Southwestern
Gene Editing Technologies for Treating Neurological Disorders Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Sep 6, 2019 Yasin Dhaher, PhD
UT Southwestern
The Complexity of Meta Plasticity in the Motor System: Implication to Rehabilitation Medicine Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
Sep 13 Joel Kramer, PhD
The Myth of Cognitive Aging Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Sep 20 Aron Barbey, PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Scientific Innovations for Healthy Brain Aging Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Sep 27
No videolink
Anke Henning, PhD
UT Southwestern Imaging Director
Imaging Human Brain Metabolism Exploiting Ultra-High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Bart Rypma, PhD
Oct 4
No videolink
Katherine Rankin, PhD
Functional Brain Networks Enabling Social Sensitivity and Empathy Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Oct 11
Stream on Zoom
Tracy Centanni, PhD
Heterogeneous Neural Deficits in Dyslexia During Speech Sound Processing Tasks Lori Cook, PhD
Oct 25
Stream on Zoom
Michael Scullin, PhD
Baylor University
Sleep, Cognition, and Aging Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Nov 1
Stream on Zoom
Fangyu Peng, PhD
UT Southwestern
Assessment of Altered Copper Fluxes in Brain Disorders with 64CuCl2 PET Imaging Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Nov 11
Lecture is on a Monday
Stream on Zoom
Sandra Gordon-Salant, PhD
University of Maryland
Age-Related Decline in Auditory and Speech Processing: Peripheral, Central, and Cognitive Influences Lori Cook, PhD
Nov 22
Stream on Zoom
Kendra Seaman, PhD
UT Dallas
Modeling Value in Decision Making Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
Dec 6
Stream on Zoom
Matthew Kmiecik, PhD
UT Dallas
Using Senseless Sentences to Study Cognition: Insights from Traumatic Brain Injury and Electrophysiology Daniel Krawczyk, PhD


2018 Archive

Jan 12 Daniel Krawczyk, PhD,
Deputy Director
Center for BrainHealth
Analogy and the Brain: What we are Learning About Mechanisms and Disorders  
Jan 19 Michael Kilgard, PhD,
UT Dallas
Directing Neural Plasticity to Treat Neurological and Psychiatric Disease Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
Jan 26 Rita Goldstein, PhD,
Ichan School of Medicine, Mount Sinai
The Prefrontal Cortex in iRISA (impaired response inhibition and salience attribution) in Cocaine Addiction: Lessons from Neuroimaging in Humans and an Eye Towards Intervention Development Xiaosi Gu, PhD
Feb 2 Bruce Wexler, MD,
Yale School of Medicine
Closing School Achievement Gaps Associated with Poverty Using Evidence-Based Computer and Physical Cognitive Training Exercises that Harness the Brain’s Neuroplastic Potential Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Mar 2 Aparna Agrawal, PhD,
Washington University School of Medicine
Unfolding of Genetic Propensity to Cannabis Use and Misuse Francesca Filbey, PhD
Mar 9 Tom Lewis, PhD,
RealHealth Innovations, LLC, Tampa Bay, FL
Measuring Eye Pathology, Physiology, and Lifestyle as a Comprehensive Approach to Root-Cause Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Disorders Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Mar 23 Justin Feinstein, PhD,
Laureate Institute for Brain Research
Enhancing Interoception and Mindfulness in Anxious Patients Using Floatation-REST Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
Mar 30 Christa McIntyre, PhD,
UT Dallas
Preclinical Studies of Vagus Nerve Stimulation as a Potential Adjunct to Exposure-Based Therapies Xiaosi Gu, PhD
Apr 6 Jiyoung Park, PhD,
UT Dallas
Cultural Shaping of Emotional Processing: A Cultural Neuroscience Approach Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
Apr 20 Michael Burton, PhD,
UT Dallas
Sensory Neuron-Restricted CB1R Does Not Mediate Analgesia Francesca Filbey, PhD
May 18 Timothea Toulopoulou, PhD
Bilkent University
Cognitive Intermediate Phenotypes and Genetic Risk for Schizophrenia Francesca Filbey, PhD
Jun 1 Laura Germine, PhD
Harvard Medical School
Measuring the Brain in the Wild: New Approaches to Old Metrics Leanne Young, PhD
Jun 8 Samarpita Sengupta, PhD
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Essentials of Scientific Writing Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Jun 14 Walter Greenleaf, PhD
Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab
How Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology Will Impact and Transform Healthcare Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Sep 7 Mustafa Husain, MD
UT Southwestern
Brain Stimulation: A New Era in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Oct 12 Sushmita Purkayastha, PhD
Southern Methodist University
Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation Following a Sports Related Concussion Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Nov 9 Mark B. Powers, PhD
Baylor University Medical Center,
UT Austin
Recent Advancements in the Treatment & Prevention of PTSD Lori Cook, PhD
Nov 16 Jon Bakdash, PhD
Texas A&M Commerce,
UT Dallas
Visualizing and Modeling Dependencies in Data Dan Krawczyk, PhD
Nov 30 Jeff Spence, PhD
UT Dallas
Birds Eye View of Machine Learning Dan Krawczyk, PhD
Dec 7 John Desmond, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
Cerebellar Contributions to Cognition: Insights from the Phonological Loop Bart Rypma, PhD


2017 Archive

Jan 13 Christopher Giza, MD,
University of California, Los Angeles
What’s the Difference? Pediatric Concussions and More Severe TBI Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Jan 27 Alice O’Toole, PhD,
UT Dallas
Understanding the Information in Human Bodies Xiaosi Gu, PhD
Feb 24

Time Change: 2:00pm

Cori Lathan, PhD,
AnthroTronix, Inc.
Enabling Ability – The Future of Human-Machine Interaction Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Mar 3 Daniela Schiller, PhD,
Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
A Map for Social Navigation in the Human Brain Xiaosi Gu, PhD
Mar 22

Time Change: 10:00-11:00am

Ulrich Ettinger, PhD,
University of Bonn, Germany
The Dopamine Transporter: From Molecular Imaging and Pharmacology to Cognition and Clinical Symptoms Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
Mar 31 Robert H. Lipsky, PhD,
Inova Health System, Fairfax, Virginia
Genetic Factors Can Teach Us How to Maintain a Healthy Brain TBA
Apr 7 Michael Levin, PhD,
Tufts University
Neural and Biological Plasticity: The Mechanisms of Signaling Between Cells and Tissues that Allow Biological Systems to Generate and Maintain a Complex Morphology Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
May 5 Shawn Flanagan, PhD,
University of Pittsburgh
Emerging Ideas and Approaches at the Intersection of Exercise and Brain Health Dianna Jaffin, PhD
May 19 Michael Treadway, PhD,
Emory University
Parsing Anhedonia: Corticostriatal Mechanisms for Motivational Deficits in Psychopathology
Francesca Filbey, PhD
May 25 Dimitris Pinotsis, PhD,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Neurobiology, Brain Imaging and Information Processing Xiaosi Gu, PhD
Jun 2 Jeffry B. Stock, PhD,
Princeton University
Systematic Pharmacodynamics to Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases of Ageing: EHT, a PP2A Modulator for the Prevention and Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disease Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Jun 9 Pamela Rollins, PhD,
UT Dallas
Words are Not Enough: Providing the context for social communication with toddlers with ASD Xiaosi Gu, PhD
Jul 7 Melina Uncapher, PhD,
University of California, San Francisco
From Evidence-Based Medicine to Evidence-Based Education: Launching the New Field of Learning Engineering Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Sep 22 Raksha Mudar, PhD,
University of Illinois
Event-Related EEG Alterations in Older Adults at Risk of Dementia Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Sep 29 Jerzy Bodurka, PhD,
University of Oklahoma
Non-invasive Brain Neuromodulation with Real-time fMRI Neurofeedback Amygdala Emotional Regulation Training and Concurrent EEG Recordings Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Oct 27 William Casebeer, PhD,
Lockheed Martin
Human Performance Augmentation in Context: Projects in the Physiology of Performance Improvement Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Nov 3 James Blair, PhD,
Boys Town National Research Hospital
Treatment Targets for Externalizing Behavior and Substance Abuse Intervention: A Neuroscience-Based Approach Francesca Filbey, PhD
Dec 1 Benjamin Tabak, PhD,
Southern Methodist University
Toward an Integrative Model of Oxytocin in Social Processes and Mental Health: The Role of Social Sensitivity Dan Krawczyk, PhD


2016 Archive

Jan 15 Dongil Chung, PhD,
Virginia Tech Carilion
The Social Influence of Risk Preference Using fMRI N/A
Jan 22 Bert M. Vargas, MD,
UT Southwestern
Sports Neurology & Concussion N/A
Feb 5 Jeffrey M. Englemann, PhD,
MD Anderson Cancer Center
fMRI Studies of Tobacco Cue Reactivity N/A
Feb 17 Harvey Levin, PhD,
Baylor College of Medicine
Clinical vs Neuroimaging Criteria for Recovery from Sports Related Concussion N/A
Mar 11 Phillip J. Holcomb, PhD,
Tufts University
Neuronal Underpinnings of Language Comprehension and Production N/A
Apr 8 Nadine Akbar, PhD,
Kessler Foundation
Imaging Neuroplasticity Using MRI: Insights From Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis N/A
Apr 22 Jason Aimone, PhD,
Baylor University
The Behavioral and Neural Underpinnings Behind Economic Decision-Making N/A
May 20 Dean Mobbs, PhD,
Columbia University
Neurobiological Systems of Fear and Social Cognition N/A
Jun 3 Jarrod Lewis-Peacock, PhD,
UT Austin
Adaptive Brain Training Using fMRI Neurofeedback N/A
Jun 10 David Schnyer, PhD,
UT Austin
Attention control in mental illness: neural systems, vulnerability and treatment N/A
Jun 24 Bradley Hatfield, PhD,
University of Maryland
The Mind of the Elite Performer — A Neurobiological Perspective N/A
Sep 16 Cobi Heijnen, PhD,
MD Anderson
Chemobrain Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Oct 14 Ian Robertson, MD,
Professor, Trinity College Dublin, Co-Director, Global Brain Health Institute
Cognitive Reserve Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Oct 21 Martin P. Paulus, MD,
Laureate Institute for Brain Research
Pragmatic Computational Psychiatry: Connecting Neuroscience with Clinical Care Xiaosi Gu, PhD
Oct 24 Ed Boyden, PhD,
Technologies for Mapping and Repairing the Brain at a Fundamental Level NA
Oct 28 Mark Tommerdahl, PhD,
The University of North Carolina
Assessing Brain Health via Sensory Percept NA
Nov 11 Marjorie Zielke, PhD,
UT Dallas
Virtual Reality Applications for Pain Management NA

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2015 Archive

Jan 16 Timothy T. Brown, PhD Multimodal and Multidemensional Imaging of Child Brain Development
Jan 23 Kathleen R. Bell, MD
 Six Easy Steps: Problem Solving After TBI
Jan 30 Michael P. Milham, MD, PhD Unraveling the Miswired Connectome: A Developmental Perspective
Feb 20 Tal Yarkoni, PhD Neurosynth: An Open Framework for Large Scale Synthesis of the MRI Literature
Mar 25 Brown, PhD Individual Differences in Child Brain Development
Apr 3 Kim Fromme, PhD Adolescent Alcohol Abuse and Risk-Taking Behaviors
Apr 24 Tatiana T. Schnur, PhD Why Words are Sometimes Hard to Say and Understand: A Brain-Behavior Approach
May 1 Genevera Allen, PhD Population Inference for Functional Brain Connectivity
Jun 12 Emily Rogalski, PhD Neurobiology and Psychosocial Features of Cognitive SuperAgers
Sep 4 Julius Fridriksson, PhD Neuroplasticity and tDCS
Sep 11 Steve Devick, OD The King-Devick Test: Applications for mTBI
Oct 9 Joaquin Anguera, PhD Using Technology to Build Good Brain Health
Oct 16 Vincenzo Fiore, PhD Changing Pattern in the Basal Ganglia: A Way Out from the Go vs No-Go Hypothesis
Oct 23 Joseph A. Maldjian, MD Head Impact Exposure in Youth and High School Football
Nov 6 Paul Cinciripini, PhD Smoking Cessation and Nicotine Psychopharmacology
Nov 13 Don Kretz, PhD Can Disfluency Reduce the Impact of Cognitive Bias in Intelligence Analysis?
Nov 20 Katherine W. Sullivan, MS, CCC-SLP, CBIS Computer-based Cognitive Remediation Programs in TBI
Dec 4 Greg Dussor, PhD and Ted Price, PhD Migraine and Brain Plasticity
Dec 11 Dean Mobbs, PhD Neurobiological Systems of Fear and Social Cognition (Talk Cancelled)

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2014 Archive

Jan 10 Madhukar Trivedi, MD Biosignatures of Treatment Response for Depression: A Multi-Modal Approach for Personalized Treatment
Jan 17 Lieutenant General (Retired) and Rick Lynch (US Army) Adapt or Die: Leadership Principles from an American General
Jan 24 Amelia Eisch, PhD Mice on Mars: Effects of Space Flight and Space Radiation on Brain and Behavior
Jan 31 Henry Mahncke, PhD Cognitive Training: From Basic Science to Real World Uses
Feb 14 Sven Vanneste, PhD A Bayesian Perspective of Why the Brain Generates a Phantom Percept and Neuromodulation as a Possible Panacea
Feb 21 Kevin Pelphrey, PhD Searching for Neuroendophenotypes of Autism
Feb 28 Dawn Neumann PhD and James Malec, PhD Emotion Recognition and Regulation after TBI and Modern Measurement Techniques for Evaluating Behavioral Interventions in Rehabilitation
Mar 14 Lieutenant General PK Carlton, MD (Surgeon General USAF, Retired) TBI in the Military: A Historical Review and Look to the Future
Mar 21 Cindy De Frias, PhD Promoting Successful Cognitive Aging
Mar 28 Julia Evans, PhD Family Differences in Human Brain Organization: How Brain Structure Differs for Adolescents with Specific Language Impairment and Their Siblings
Apr 4 Paula Grammas, Ph.D Eating and Drinking and Other Strategies to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease (Talk Cancelled)
Apr 11 Robert Root-Bernstein, PhD Rethinking Thinking: What the Arts Can Teach Us About Cognition
Apr 18 Kyle Womack, MD DTI in Retired NFL Players (Talk Cancelled)
Apr 25 Gagan Wig, PhD The Human Brain as a Social Network: How Brain Connectivity Changes Across the Adult Lifespan
May 9 Jacquelyn Gamino, PhD Middle School Madness: Changing Learning in Public Schools
May 16 Lori Cook, PhD Cognitive-Communication Challenges in Pediatric Brain Injury: Promising Metrics to Advance Brain Repair
May 23 L. Douglas Kiel, PhD The Brains of Leaders Study: An Exploratory Study of the Brains of Local Leaders
May 30 Amy J. Jak, PhD Innovations in Assessment and Treatment of Post-Concussive Symptoms in Veterans
Jun 6 Christopher Filley, MD White Matter Dementia
Jun 13 Nicole Phillips, PhD The Role of Mitochondrial Genetic Variation in Alzheimer’s Risk and Progression
Jun 23 Xiaosi Gu, PhD Computational Psychiatry and Neurology: Repairing Dysfunctional Emotions and Decisions
Jun 27 Yi-Yuan Tang, PhD Brief Intervention Improves Self-Control & Promotes Psycho-Physiological Health: Mechanisms and Action
Jul 18 Asha Vas, PhD Can Abstract Attitude be Restored After a Traumatic Brain Injury?
Sep 12 John D. Corrigan, PhD, ABPP TBI and Public Health: Emerging Issues
Sep 26 Paula Grammas, PhD Eating and Drinking and Other Strategies to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Oct 3 Lin Lin, EdD and Thomas D. Parsons, PhD Cognition, Technology and Learning
Oct 10 James Brewer, MD, PhD An Expanded Role for Biomarkers in the Clinical Evaluation of Cognitive Impairment: Toward Improved Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Disease
Oct 17 Kristen Kennedy, PhD Aging, Cognition and the Brain: Structural and Functional Associations
Oct 31 Kenneth S. Kosik, MD Stalking an Alzheimer Gene in the Far Mountains of Colombia
Nov 3 Xiaosi Gu, PhD Neural Computations Underlying Social Interaction: Emotion, Empathy and Equity
Nov 7 Sarah Feldstein-Ewing, PhD Evaluating and Improving Adolescent Health Risk Prevention and Intervention Programming via the Brain
Dec 5 Timothy McQueeny, PhD Drug Use and the Changing Brain: Developmental Insights to Addictions Neuroscience
Dec 12 Joseph Dunlop, PhD Fusing fMRI Tasks to Understand Chronic Substance Abuse

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