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Abdi, Herve Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2065 | GR_4.216 Research Interests: Memory and cognition, quantitative models, neuroimaging, genomics

Ackerman, Robert A. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2346 | GR_4.805 Research Interests: Narcissism, relationship development, and models for dyadic data.

Aldridge, Michelle Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 214-905-3142 | CD_A107

Assmann, Peter F. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2435 | GR_4.118 Research Interests: Perception of speech in adverse conditions; acoustic properties of speech in children

Basak, Chandramallika Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3724 | VP_8.15B Research Interests: Attentional control and working memory, cognitive training strategies, neural and cognitive predictors of complex skill acquisition, and aging

Brody, Salena M. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-4746 | GR_4.818

Burton, Michael D. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-7273 | BSB_10.546 Research Interests: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience. How peripheral stimuli communicate to the CNS to elicit complex behaviors: An emphasis on pain, depression, and metabolism.

Campbell, Thomas F. Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3001 | CD_B209 Research Interests: Recovery of speech and language skills after neurological injury. Development of communication technology for individuals with communication disorders.

Carter, Jessica Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 214-905-3013 | CD_D118

Chapman, Sandra Bond Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3007 | CBH_3.426 Research Interests: Dr. Chapman’s scientific study elucidates and applies novel approaches to improve brain performance across the lifespan in health, injury and disease.

Clark, Jackie L. Clinical Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3031 | CD_J217

Cokely, Carol G. Clinical Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3125 | CD_J208

Dean, Lucinda L. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-3654 | CR_1.340

Dollaghan, Christine A. Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3063 | CD_A128 Research Interests: Predicting, diagnosing, preventing and treating communication disorders in children; specific language impairment; pediatric traumatic brain injury; history and philosophy of science

Dowling, W. Jay Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2059 | GR_4.202 Research Interests: Music cognition, including encoding melodies into memory, tracking motion in tonal space, and the origins of emotional responses to music.

Dussor, Greg Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2385 | BSB_10.538 Research Interests: Pain, with an emphasis on chronic headache disorders such as migraine.

Evans, Julia L. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3105 | CD_216 Research Interests: The neurobiology of language, implicit learning and working memory deficits in children with specific language impairments

Ewing, Donna Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-4476 | GR_4.804

Filbey, Francesca M. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3311 | CBH_2.720 Research Interests: Neurobiological mechanisms underlying reward-motivation

Gentsch, Joanna K. Senior Lecturer/Director of Student and Community Engagement [email protected] | 972-883-4179 | JO_2.214

Goffman, Lisa A. Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3043 | CD_A113 Research Interests: Integration of language and action into new accounts of developmental language disorders, including specific language impairment, speech sound disorders, and autism.

Gohmert, Andrea Clinical Assistant Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3078 | CD_A261 Research Interests: Vestibular disorders and cochlear implants

Golden, Richard M. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2423 | GR_4.814 Research Interests: Mathematical analysis and design of statistical machine learning algorithms with applications to modeling problems in neural, behavioral, and social sciences

Grant, Meridith G. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-4108 | GR_4.820

Griffiths, Scott K. Clinical Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3176 | CD_J221 Research Interests: Evaluation of auditory function and electrophysiology in adults and children, diagnostic audiology, auditory electrophysiology, and the impact of cognitive factors on auditory processing

Hart, John Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3231 | CD_A115 Research Interests: Dr. Hart’s work has focused on the cognitive neuroscience of semantic memory. He has pioneered the development of novel research designs and analytical techniques in EEG and MRI/fMRI aimed at elucidating how the brain stores and retrieves semantic information. He has translated his theoretical work on semantic memory and neuroimaging technique development to the study of patient populations, including Alzheimer’s disease, traumatic brain injury, Herpes Simple encephalitis, West Nile encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, Gulf War Illness, and PTSD patients.

Holub, Shayla C. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4473 | JO_4.216 Research Interests: Family influences on childhood obesity and health; parental feeding practices and parenting; weight prejudice and body image

Huxtable-Jester, Karen J. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-6434 | JO_3.208

Juhn, Nancy H. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-4981 | JO_3.120

Kane, Heidi S. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4469 | JO_3.216 Research Interests: The associations between close relationships and health; stress, coping and social support processes in couples

Kaplan, Karen E. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-3653 | CRA_12.119P

Katz, William F. Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3188 | CD_A122 Research Interests: Acoustic phonetics, speech production, kinematic analyses of speech, visual feedback for speech rehabilitation and second language training

Kenedi, A. Helen Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 214-905-3112 | CD_A109

Kennedy, Kristen M. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3739 | JO_3.308 Research Interests: Normal aging of human brain structure and function (using neuroimaging tools) and their cognitive consequences (using neuropsychological/cognitive assessments); health, lifestyle and genetic modifiers of these age-related changes in brain and cognition.

Kilgard, Michael P. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2339 | BSB_14.102C Research Interests: Targeted Neural Plasticity for the treatment of stroke, autism, brain damage, spinal cord injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, tinnitus and pain.

Krawczyk, Daniel C. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3234 | GR_4.202C Research Interests: Reasoning, Decision Making, Cognitive Biases, and Executive Functions. Methods include cognitive measures, brain stimulation, and brain imaging. Cognitive interests in context effects on decision making and decision framing effects. Clinical interest in the cognitive effects of traumatic brain injuries.

Kroener, Sven Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2039 | BSB_10.514 Research Interests: Physiology of the prefrontal cortex as it relates to schizophrenia and drug addiction

Le Prell, Colleen G. Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3018 | CD_J216 Research Interests: Hearing Loss Prevention

Lobarinas, Edward Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3002 | CD_J211 Research Interests: Tinnitus, tinnitus treatment and acquired hearing loss. In particular Dr. Lobarinas is interested in the effects of noise-induced hearing loss tinnitus and on functional aspects of hearing such as the ability to hear in background noise.

Lougeay, Janice W. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 214-905-3114 | CD_A105

Maguire, Mandy J. Associate Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3163 | CD_A126 Research Interests: Studying how factors such as family socioeconomic status (SES) and bilingualism influence brain and language development using EEG.

McIntyre Rodriguez, Christa K. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2235 | BSB_14.510 Research Interests: The effect of stress on memory consolidation with the goal of identifying therapeutics for memory and anxiety disorders

McWilliams, Steven Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-6785 | GR_4.714

Miller, Van S. Associate Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-4229 | JO_4.214

Mills, Candice M. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4475 | JO_4.208 Research Interests: Cognitive development; social cognition; critical thinking; explanation and understanding; selective trust, science learning.

Moller, Aage R. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4306 | BSB_14.601 Research Interests: Neural plasticity and its role in tinnitus, hyperacusis, phonophobia, and misophonia, teaching biology of pain, neuroplasticity, intraoperative neurophsysiology

Nelson, Jackie A. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4478 | JO_4.202 Research Interests: Emotion-related family processes, such as parents’ emotion socialization strategies, children’s social-emotional development, and family stress and conflict.

O'Toole, Alice J. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2486 | GR_4.214 Research Interests: Face recognition by humans and machines. Neural processing of faces and bodies.

Owen, Margaret T. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-6876 | GR_4.826 Research Interests: Trajectories of self-regulation development and relations to school readiness and achievement in low-income ethnic minority children. Parent-child relationships and other important developmental contexts.

Park, Denise C. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3255 | VP_8.09 Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of aging; preclinical Alzheimer’s disease; effect of an engaged lifestyle on cognition; cultural neuroscience

Park, Jiyoung Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3874 | JO_4.204 Research Interests: Emotional processing and its consequences on health and well-being; Cultural modulation of emotional processing; Cultural and affective neuroscience

Pinkham, Amy E. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4462 | GR_4.214 Research Interests: The characteristics, neural basis, and behavioral consequences of social cognitive impairment in schizophrenia.

Ploski, Jonathan E. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2014 | BSB_10.534 Research Interests: Deciphering the molecular events that must occur to allow an existing memory to be modified via reconsolidation updating; leveraging this information so rational strategies can be developed that will increase the efficacy of reconsolidation blockade based therapies.

Prager, Karen J. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2353 | GR_2.600 Research Interests: Intimacy development, marital relations, and depression

Price, Theodore J. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4311 | BSB_14.102G Research Interests: The molecular mechanisms that cause pain to become chronic; developing therapeutics to target these mechanisms

Raboune, Siham Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-6679 | JO_3.110

Rennaker, Robert Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3562 | BSB_14.574 Research Interests: Targeted Plasticity Therapy, medical device development, neurological injury and repair

Rodrigue, Karen M. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3738 | VP_8.20 Research Interests: Understanding factors that contribute to individual differences in brain and cognitive aging over the lifespan, utilizing neuropsychology assessment, structural and functional MRI and PET imaging techniques

Roeser, Ross J. Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3002 | CD_238 Research Interests: The application of hearing instrument technology to improving communication skills

Rojas, Raul Associate Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3162 | CD_A111 Research Interests: Child language from a longitudinal and processing perspective, specifically bilingual language development in typically developing children and those with language impairments.

Rollins, Pamela R. Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3153 | CD_A124 Research Interests: Evaluating intervention programs and defining learning and social communication processes in individuals with autism spectrum disorders

Rugg, Michael D. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3725 | VP_8.17 Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of human memory; effects of age and neuropathology on episodic memory

Rypma, Bart P. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4472 | JO_4.302 Research Interests: The cognitive and neurobiological mechanisms of human memory and experimental methodology of functional magnetic resonance aging.

Sale, Felicity F. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-3655 | CR_1.336

Santrock, John W. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2097 | GR_4.127 Research Interests: Family processes and children’s socioemotional development.

Sasson, Noah J. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2541 | GR_4.116 Research Interests: Specifying cognitive processes in autism that underlie difficulties navigating the social world.

Schwark, Gayle A. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-2432 | GR_4.822

Seaman, Kendra L. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3783 | VP_8.21 Research Interests: Learning, motivation, and decision making across the adult life span

Small, Steven L. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2355 | GR_4.102 Research Interests: Investigation of human subjects, particularly in speech and language, and clinical and fundamental neurobiological aspects of mild traumatic brain injuries such as concussions.

Solodkin, Ana J. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-8830 | BSB_13.609 Research Interests: Biomarkers of Neurological disease via Neuroinformatics

Spence, Melanie J. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2206 | GR_4.532 Research Interests: Young infants’ processing of vocal and facial emotions; infants’ eye-tracking of faces and infant-directed speech

Stillman, Robert D. Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3060 | CD_A102 Research Interests: The assessment and intervention with preverbal children including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The work is primarily qualitative and explores sources of diversity in preverbal and early verbal skills.

Stilwell, John Q. Clinical Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2360 | CR_1

Sultana, Rukhsana Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 214-905-2721 | GR_4.524

Swanson, Meghan R. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2058 | GR_4.802C Research Interests: The neurobiology of infant communication, infant-caregiver communication, infant brain and behavior development in autism spectrum disorder and fragile x syndrome

Taylor, Anna M. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-2446 | JO_3.116

Thibodeau, Linda K. Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3108 or 972-883-3463 | CR_1.534 Research Interests: Assistive technology for persons with hearing loss to reduce communication challenges in noisy environments

Thompson, L. Tres Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4933 | BSB_10.566 Research Interests: Cellular mechanisms of memory consolidation, maintenance and extinction; memory disruption by aging, experience, or metabolic insult; memory restoration by nootropics

Thorn, Catherine A. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-7234 | BSB_13.331 Research Interests: Synaptic and circuit dynamics underlying basal ganglia dependent motor learning & habit formation; coordination of multiple memory systems

Touchstone, Emily W. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-3626 | CRA_12.119N

Ulatowska, Hanna K. Professor [email protected] | 214-905-3101 | CD_A130 Research Interests: Neurolinguistics

Walsh, Diane Garst M. Senior Lecturer [email protected] | 972-883-3610 | CRA_12.119S

Warner-Czyz, Andrea D. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3618 | CR_1.510 Research Interests: Exploring how infants, children, and adolescents with hearing loss who wear cochlear implants learn to communicate with others and how communication affects how they feel about themselves.

Wig, Gagan S. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3731 | VP_8.22 Research Interests: Functional brain imaging of human brain networks across the lifespan.

Ybarra, Regina K. Associate Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-2326 | GR_4.526