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Abdi, Hervé Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2065 | GR_4.216 Research Interests: Advanced Multivariate Statistics, Quantitative Models, Memory and Cognition, Sensory Evaluation, Neuroimaging, Genomics

Ackerman, Robert A. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2346 | GR_4.805 Research Interests: Narcissism, relationship development, and models for dyadic data

Aldridge, Michelle Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-3192 | CD_A107

Assmann, Peter F. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2435 | GR_4.118 Research Interests: Perception of speech in adverse conditions; acoustic properties of speech in children

Atchison, Kristin Kuhlman Assistant Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-2371 | JO_3.206 Research Interests: Pedagogical studies, also studies of infant cognitive development

Basak, Chandramallika Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3724 | VP_8.15B Research Interests: Attentional control and working memory, cognitive training strategies, neural and cognitive predictors of complex skill acquisition, and aging

Brody, Salena M. Professor of Instruction
Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
[email protected] | 972-883-4746 | GR_4.818

Burton, Michael D. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-7273 | BSB_10.546 Research Interests: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience. How peripheral stimuli communicate to the CNS to elicit complex behaviors: An emphasis on pain, depression, and metabolism

Carter, Jessica Associate Professor of Practice [email protected] | 972-883-3013 | CD_A105

Chapman, Sandra Bond Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3407 | CBH_3.426 Research Interests: Dr. Chapman’s scientific study elucidates and applies novel approaches to improve brain performance across the lifespan in health, injury and disease

Clark, Jackie L. Clinical Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3031 | CD_J217 Research Interests: Perception of speech in the presence of noise, demographics of hearing loss in indigenous populations, impacting and promoting best clinical traditional and tele practices, cultural influences in help seeking behaviors, updating and confirming efficacy of Clinical Measures used in Audiology practices for adults and pediatric populations.

Cokely, Carol G. Clinical Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3125 | CD_J208

D’Mello, Anila Assistant Professor [email protected] | | NES.102 (UTSW) Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of language and social cognition across development and in autism; Cerebellar contributions to cognition and disorders

Dean, Lucinda L. Professor of Practice [email protected] | 972-883-3654 | CRA_12.119Q

Dowling, W. Jay Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2059 | GR_4.202B Research Interests: Music cognition, including encoding melodies into memory, tracking motion in tonal space, and the origins of emotional responses to music

Dussor, Greg Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2385 | BSB_10.538 Research Interests: Pain, with an emphasis on chronic headache disorders such as migraine

Engineer, Crystal T. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-7246 | BSB_14.562 Research Interests: Auditory processing, autism spectrum disorders, plasticity, speech perception, and neuromodulation

Evans, Julia L. Professor jl[email protected] | 972-883-3105 | CD_D106 Research Interests: The neurobiology of language and cognitive processing, implicit learning and memory in children with developmental language disorder (DLD)

Fearon-Drake, Danielle Assistant Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-3825 | JO_3.118 Research Interests: Cognitive Development, Developmental Disorders, Sense of Belonging, Resilience

Filbey, Francesca M. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3311 | CBH_2.720 Research Interests: Neurobiological mechanisms underlying reward-motivation

Fowler, Stephanie L. Clinical Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3145 | CD_J210 Research Interests: Best practices in didactic and clinical audiology education, music perception and appreciation for listeners with hearing loss

Goffman, Lisa A. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3043 | CD_A113 Research Interests: Integration of language and action into new accounts of developmental language disorders, including specific language impairment, speech sound disorders, and autism

Gohmert, Andrea Clinical Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3078 | CD_A261 Research Interests: Diagnostic Audiology and Vestibular Abnormalities in Adults and Children

Golden, Richard M. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2423 | GR_4.814 Research Interests: Computational Psychometrics, Statistical Machine Learning, Computational Cognitive Science

Grant, Meridith G. Associate Professor of Instruction
Program Head, Child Learning and Development BS and Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders MS
[email protected] | 972-883-4108 | GR_4.820

Griffiths, Scott K. Clinical Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3176 | CD_J221 Research Interests: Evaluation of auditory function and electrophysiology in adults and children, diagnostic audiology, auditory electrophysiology, and the impact of cognitive factors on auditory processing

Hart, John Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4832 | CD_A115 Research Interests: The neurobiology of semantic memory; investigating patient populations with dysfunctions in semantic memory

Holub, Shayla C. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4473 | JO_4.216 Research Interests: Family influences on childhood obesity and health; parental feeding practices and parenting; weight prejudice and body image

Hunsley, Jana Assistant Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-3811 | GR_4.822 Research Interests: Family trauma, adoptive sibling support, and post-adoption therapeutic interventions

Huxtable-Jester, Karen J. Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-6434 | JO_3.208

Jahangiri, Faisal R. Assistant Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-3830 | JO_3.108 Research Interests: Minimizing neurological deficits in surgeries by Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM). Various neurophysiological studies optimization.

Jahn, Kelly Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2358 | CD_J220 Research Interests: Neural signatures of auditory hypersensitivity and emotional sound processing across the lifespan; Development of evidence-based clinical protocols, diagnostic tools, and personalized treatments for hearing loss and hyperacusis; Cochlear implants; Auditory electrophysiology

Juhn, Nancy H. Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-4981 | JO_3.120

Kane, Heidi S. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4469 | JO_3.216 Research Interests: The associations between close relationships and health; stress, coping and social support processes in couples

Katz, William F. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3188 | CD_A123 Research Interests: Acoustic phonetics, speech production, kinematic analyses of speech, visual feedback for speech rehabilitation and second language training

Kenedi, A. Helen Professor of Practice [email protected] | 972-883-3112 | CD_A109

Kennedy, Kristen M. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3739 | VP_815A Research Interests: Normal aging of human brain structure and function (using neuroimaging tools) and their cognitive consequences (using neuropsychological/cognitive assessments); health, lifestyle and genetic modifiers of these age-related changes in brain and cognition

Kent, Jerillyn S. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2359 | GR_4.813 Research Interests: Motor abnormalities in psychopathology, particularly cerebellar abnormalities in individuals with psychotic disorders; neuromodulation interventions for psychopathology

Kilgard, Michael P. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2339 | BSB_14.102C Research Interests: Targeted Neural Plasticity for the treatment of stroke, autism, brain damage, spinal cord injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, tinnitus and pain

Kim, Diana Associate Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-3831 | JO_3.314 Research Interests: Regulation of striatal nitric oxide signaling by glutamate and dopamine in experimental parkinsonism

Kolber, Benedict J. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-7225 | BSB_10.566 Research Interests: The Kolber Lab (1) studies the role of the amygdala and other brain circuitry in the integration of painful information and emotional well-being using behavioral, physiological, and optogenetic tools; (2) seeks novel therapies to treat pain and depression comorbidity using natural product compounds from marine cyanobacteria and Cameroonian plants and; (3) works with clinicians to develop novel integrative non-pharmacological therapy to treat musculoskeletal pain in humans

Krawczyk, Daniel C. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3234 | GR_4.202A Research Interests: Reasoning, Decision Making, Cognitive Biases, and Executive Functions. Methods include cognitive measures, brain stimulation, and brain imaging. Cognitive interests in context effects on decision making and decision framing effects.

Kroener, Sven Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2039 | BSB_10.514 Research Interests: Physiology of the prefrontal cortex as it relates to schizophrenia and drug addiction

Le Prell, Colleen G. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3018 | CD_J216 Research Interests: Noise-induced hearing loss, hearing loss prevention, supra-threshold hearing disorders

Lee, Yune S. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-5628 | CR_1.342 Research Interests: Neural and behavioral connections between speech, language, and music (SLAM); neural plasticity associated with improved language/cognitive functions following music-based intervention; impact of lifelong music training on protecting cognitive and sensory declines

Lobarinas, Edward Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3002 | CD_J211 Research Interests: Tinnitus, tinnitus treatment and acquired hearing loss. In particular Dr. Lobarinas is interested in the effects of noise-induced hearing loss tinnitus and on functional aspects of hearing such as the ability to hear in background noise.

Maguire, Mandy J. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3163 | CD_A126 Research Interests: Studying how factors such as family socioeconomic status (SES) influence brain and language development using EEG

McIntyre Rodriguez, Christa K. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2235 | BSB_14.510 Research Interests: The effect of stress on memory consolidation with the goal of identifying therapeutics for memory and anxiety disorders

McWilliams, Steven Associate Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-6785 | GR_4.714

Miller, Van S. Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-4229 | JO_3.204

Mills, Candice M. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4475 | JO_4.208 Research Interests: Cognitive development; social cognition; critical thinking; explanation and understanding; selective trust, science learning

Mosley, Cornetta Clinical Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3810 | CD_J218 Research Interests: Aural rehabilitation, improving access to hearing healthcare, speech perception in older adults with hearing loss

Neale, Hannah D.P. Assistant Professor of Practice [email protected] | 972-883-3653 | CRA_12.119P

Nelson, Jackie A. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4478 | JO_4.202 Research Interests: Emotion-related family processes, such as parents’ emotion socialization strategies, children’s social-emotional development, and family stress and conflict

O'Toole, Alice J. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2486 | GR_4.224 Research Interests: Face recognition by humans and machines. Neural processing of faces and bodies.

Owen, Margaret T. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-6876 | GR_4.826 Research Interests: Trajectories of self-regulation development and relations to school readiness and achievement in low-income ethnic minority children. Parent-child relationships and other important developmental contexts.

Park, BoKyung Assistant Professor [email protected] | | GR_4.214 Research Interests: Social, cultural, and emotional factors that shape individuals’ moral judgments and subsequent social decisions; underlying neural mechanisms

Park, Denise C. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3255 | VP_8.09 Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of aging; preclinical Alzheimer’s disease; effect of an engaged lifestyle on cognition; cultural neuroscience

Park, Jiyoung Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3874 | JO_4.204 Research Interests: Emotional processing and its consequences on health and well-being; Cultural modulation of emotional processing; Cultural and affective neuroscience

Pinkham, Amy E. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4462 | GR_4.802B Research Interests: The characteristics, neural basis, and behavioral consequences of social cognitive impairment in schizophrenia

Price, Theodore J. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4311 | BSB_14.102G Research Interests: The molecular mechanisms that cause pain to become chronic; developing therapeutics to target these mechanisms

Raboune, Siham Assistant Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-6679 | JO_3.110

Rennaker, Robert Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3562 | BSB_14.574 Research Interests: Targeted Plasticity Therapy, medical device development, neurological injury and repair

Rich, Judith Professor of Practice [email protected] | 972-883-3106 | CD_A112

Rincón-Cortés, Millie Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2356 | BSB_10.534 Research Interests: Normative and stress-induced plasticity of reward and mesolimbic dopamine function, emphasis on early development and the postpartum period

Rodrigue, Karen M. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3738 | VP_820 Research Interests: Understanding factors that contribute to individual differences in brain and cognitive aging over the lifespan, utilizing neuropsychology assessment, structural and functional MRI and PET imaging techniques

Rollins, Pamela R. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3153 | CD_A124 Research Interests: Evaluating intervention programs and defining learning and social communication processes in individuals with autism spectrum disorders

Rugg, Michael D. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3725 | VP_8.17 Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience of human memory; effects of age and neuropathology on episodic memory

Rypma, Bart P. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3235 | JO_3.202 Research Interests: The cognitive and neurobiological mechanisms of human memory and experimental methodology of functional magnetic resonance aging

Sale, Felicity F. Professor of Practice [email protected] | 972-883-3049 | CR_1.336

Sasson, Noah J. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2541 | GR_4.116 Research Interests: Social cognition, social behavior, and social interaction in autism

Seaman, Kendra L. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3783 | VP_8.21 Research Interests: Learning, motivation, and decision making across the adult life span

Shembel, Adrianna C. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-5629 | CD_A128 Research Interests: Effects of increased neuromuscular demands on the voice; neurological and sensorimotor voice disorders

Shoup, Angela G. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3001 | CD_B209 Research Interests: Implementation and outcomes of universal newborn hearing screening programs, congenital cytomegalovirus and hearing, developmental issues in audition, auditory electrophysiology, cochlear and auditory brainstem implants

Small, Steven L. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2355 | GR_4.104J Research Interests: Neurobiology of Language

Solodkin, Ana J. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-8830 | BSB_13.609 Research Interests: Biomarkers of Neurological disease via Neuroinformatics

Spence, Melanie J. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2206 | GR_4.532 Research Interests: Young infants’ processing of vocal and facial emotions; infants’ eye-tracking of faces and infant-directed speech

Stillman, Robert D. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3060 | CD_A102 Research Interests: The assessment and intervention with preverbal children including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The work is primarily qualitative and explores sources of diversity in preverbal and early verbal skills.

Su, "Pumpki" Lei Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2384 | CR_1.322 Research Interests: Language development and caregiver-child interaction in children with autism and bilingual children; language assessment in bilingual children.

Sultana, Rukhsana Assistant Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-2721 | GR_4.524

Swanson, Meghan R. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-2058 | GR_4.802C Research Interests: The neurobiology of infant communication, infant-caregiver communication, infant brain and behavior development in autism spectrum disorder and fragile x syndrome

Tang, Alva Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3821 | JO_4.206 Research Interests: Developmental changes and individual differences in social and emotional development; Social-contextual factors; Developmental psychopathology and cardiometabolic health

Taylor, Anna M. Assistant Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-2446 | JO_3.116

Thibodeau, Linda K. Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3108 or 972-883-3463 | CR_1.534 Research Interests: Assistive technology for persons with hearing loss to reduce communication challenges in noisy environments

Thompson, L. Tres Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-4933 | JO_3.104 Research Interests: Cellular mechanisms of memory consolidation, maintenance and extinction; memory disruption by aging, experience, or metabolic insult; memory restoration by nootropics

Thorn, Catherine A. Assistant Professor [email protected] | 972-883-7234 | BSB_13.331 Research Interests: Synaptic and circuit dynamics underlying basal ganglia dependent motor learning & habit formation; coordination of multiple memory systems

Touchstone, Emily W. Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-3626 | CRA_12.119N

Walsh, Diane Garst Professor of Practice [email protected] | 972-883-3610 | CRA_12.119S

Warner-Czyz, Andrea D. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3124 | CR_1.510 Research Interests: Exploring how infants, children, and adolescents with hearing loss who wear cochlear implants learn to communicate with others and how communication affects how they feel about themselves

Warren, Stacie Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3818 | GR_4.804 Research Interests: Clinical psychology, psychopathology, executive function, emotion regulation, cognitive and affective neuroscience; cognitive training

Wig, Gagan S. Associate Professor [email protected] | 972-883-3731 | VP_8.22 Research Interests: Brain network connectivity, healthy and pathological aging, brain health disparities across the lifespan

Ybarra, Regina Kakhnovets Associate Professor of Instruction [email protected] | 972-883-2326 | GR_4.526