The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Julia L. Evans


Research Interests

The neurobiology of language, implicit learning and working memory deficits in children with specific language impairments

Curriculum Vitae


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 972-883-3105
Office: CD_216
Campus Mail Code: CD10
Website: Child Language and Cognitive Processes Laboratory


Dr. Evans is one of the leading researchers in the area of statistical learning, lexical and phonological processing deficits in children with specific language impairment. Her recent research focuses on time-course and cortical activity data from eye tracking and anatomically constrained MEG studies. This research shows that children with SLI use atypical, visually based strategies to comprehension language. Dr. Evans’ previous work focused on dynamic system accounts of lexical and grammatical processing deficits in children with specific language impairment. Dr. Evans earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado, her master’s at Columbia University and her PhD at the University of Michigan.

Recent and Selected Representative Publications

Recent Articles in Peer-Refereed Journals

Montgomery, J.W., Evans, J.L., & Gillam, R.B. (in press). Whatdonit? A reexamination of the development of sentence comprehension in typically developing children. Developmental Science.

Sanjeevan, T., Mainela-Arnold, E., Alibali, M.W., & Evans, J.L. (in press). Temporal Coordination and Timing between speech and manual communicative gestures in children with specific language impairment. Gesture.

Ellis, E., Borovsky, A., Elman, J. E. & Evans, J.L. (in press). Novel Word Learning: An Eye-Tracking Study: Are 18-Month-Olds Late Talkers Really Different from their Typical Peers? Journal of Communication Disorders.

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