The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Siham Raboune

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Curriculum Vitae


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 972-883-6679
Office: JO_3.110


Dr. Siham Raboune teaches courses in Neuroscience in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences. Before joining UTD, Dr. Raboune has been a faculty member at the Department of Biological Sciences at Valencia college in Orlando, FL. She holds a PhD degree in neuroscience from Indiana University. Her research focused on studying the neurochemistry of pain and inflammation with the aim of understanding the ways the nervous system integrates and process pain signals. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed articles and presented a novel framework for the study of pain. She also holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from AE University in Morocco.

Recent and Selected Representative Publications

Recent Articles in Peer-Refereed Journals

Raboune S, Stuart JM, Leishman E, Takacs SM, Rhodes B, Basnet A, Jameyfield E, McHugh D, Widlanski T, Bradshaw HB. Novel endogenous N-acyl amides activate TRPV1-4 receptors, BV-2 microglia, and are regulated in brain an acute model of inflammation. Front Cell Neurosci. 2014 Aug 1 ;( 8):195.

Giuseppe Tortoriello, Brandon P. Rhodes, Jordyn M. Stuart, Arjund Basnet, Siham Raboune, Theodore S. Widlanski, Patrick Doherty, Tibor Harkany and Heather B. Bradshaw. “Targeted lipidomics in Drosophila melanogaster identifies novel 2 monoacylglycerols and N-acyl amides” PLoS ONE 2013 8(7): e67865.

Bradshaw HB, Raboune Siham, Hollis JL. “Opportunistic activation of TRP receptors by endogenous lipids: Exploiting lipidomics to understand TRP receptor cellular communication”. Life Sci 2013 Mar 19; 92(8-9):404-9.

Sung Ha Lee, Siham Raboune, J Michael Walker, and Heather B. Bradshaw. “Distribution of Endogenous Farnesyl Pyrophosphate and 4 Species of Lysophosphatidic Acid in Rodent Brain”. Int J Mol Sci. 2010 Oct 15; 11(10):3965-76.