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Hanna K. Ulatowska


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Phone: 214-905-3101
Office: CD_A130
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Dr. Hanna Ulatowska focuses her research on neurolinguistics and, more specifically, the investigation of discourse in aphasia, dementia, and advanced aging. The focus of this research is the characterization of communicative competence of these populations and how it relates to preservations and impairments of both linguistic and cognitive functioning. Dr. Ulatowska has been particularly concerned with developing methodologies which are suitable for tapping the discourse changes in adult neurogenic populations. She also deals with the effects of different language types on the disruption of language in aphasia, which stems from her investigations of aphasia in Polish. Dr. Ulatowska’s current research involves how communication in testimonies from American WWII veterans can be used in collective memory by examining autobiographical memory, emotional memory, and life review of the veterans in evaluations of war experiences. She is an honorary member of the Polish Neuropsychological Society, received the 2010 Copernicus Award, and was named a Champion of Diversity by the UT Dallas Office of Diversity and Community Engagement. Dr. Ulatowska earned her master’s degree at Warsaw University, Poland and her PhD at Edinburgh University, Scotland.

Recent and Selected Representative Publications

Recent Articles in Peer-Refereed Journals

Ulatowska, H., Santos, T., & Walsh, D (2018). From stories to wisdom: Communicative competence in testimonial language of World War II pilot veterans. The Journal of Aging and Social Change, 8(3): 17-26.

Olness, G. & Ulatowska, H.K. (2017). Aphasias. In. L. Cummings (Ed.), Research in Clinical Pragmatics. New York, NY: Springer.

Ulatowska, H.K. (2011). A story of survival: Revisiting the past. In H. Embacher & M. Reiter (Eds.), September 11 in Europe. Wien, Austria: Böhlau Verlag.

Ulatowska, H.K. (2010). Journey through narratives: The unexpected vistas. In B. Bokus (Ed). Studies in the psychology of language and communication. Warsaw, Poland: Matrix Publications.