Gene Expression

The datasets used in this database were sourced from various databases and our own sequencing efforts, and quantified using the Tophat - Cufflinks pipeline, followed by FPKM-to-TPM normalization based on a set of polyA+, rRNA- geneset. For source of original RNA-seq datasets, uniform processing guidelines, meta-analysis algorithm, and downstream processing guidelines, please consult our published paper. Our paper can be accessed on Pubmed (please cite this if you use our work, do not cite the Biorxiv preprint). Code for calculating sample statistics and for the downloadable dataset as a tab separated file (TSV) can be found here. If you would like the relative abundances for all genes, for L2 DRGs from 6 individual donors, please download this.

Citing our work

Please cite: Ray, Pradipta; Torck, Andrew; Quigley, Lilyana, et al; Comparative transcriptome profiling of the human and mouse dorsal root ganglia: an RNA-seq-based resource for pain and sensory neuroscience research. PAIN, 159(7):1325 - 1345, Wolters Kluwer, July 2018. Journal DOI link.

Human Gene Expression

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Mouse Gene Expression

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