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APIMPowerR: A Shiny App for Estimating Power for the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model

See David A. Kenny’s website for more useful dyadic data analysis programs:

A Tutorial on Analyzing Data from Speed-Dating Studies with Heterosexual Dyads

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ActorDataSet.sav (66K)
CopyGroupSize6IDdata.sav (7K)
CopyGroupSize6IDdataReplicated.sav (17K)
CopyGroupSize8IDdata.sav (8K)
CopyGroupSize8IDdataReplicated.sav (24K)
CopyGroupSize10IDdata.sav (4K)
CopyGroupSize10IDdataReplicated.sav (13K)
DyadicIDMerged.sav (66K)
example dyadic data set.sav (19K)
example ID data set.sav (15K)
GroupSize6IDdata.sav (7K)
GroupSize8IDdata.sav (8K)
GroupSize10IDdata.sav (4K)
IDMerged.sav (50K)
AppendixS1.pdf (132K)
AppendixS2.pdf (627K)
AppendixS3.pdf (110K)
AppendixS4.pdf (81K)
AppendixS5.pdf (72K)
AppendixS6.pdf (256K)
PairwiseDataSet.sav (157K)
PartnerDataSet.sav (66K)
Stacked Data Set.sav (49K)
Syntax for Tutorial on Analyzing Speed-Dating Data.sps (84K)