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Social Communication Lab

Introduction to the Social Communication Lab

The University of Texas at Dallas’ Callier Center for Communication Disorders

The Social Communication Lab is directed by Dr. Pamela Rollins. The lab focuses on understanding and facilitating social communication in infants and children with ASD. Of particular interest is the co-construction of social communication during intervention with children on the autism spectrum. Social communication moves beyond the ability to utter words and sentences. It refers to using language and other nonverbal skills to “share” attention and information with communicative partners.

Pathways Early Intervention Project

The Social Communication Lab is currently enrolling children into our study. Please contact the Social Communication Lab if you are interested at 214-905-3173 or [email protected].

El Laboratorio de Comunicación Social está inscribiendo a niños en nuestro estudio. Si usted está interesado, por favor póngase en contacto con el Laboratorio de Comunicación Social en 214-905-3173 o manda mensaje de correo electronico a [email protected].

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