The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences


Staff members provide support for the various programs and processes within the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at UT Dallas. Feel free to contact staff for questions related to their areas of specialty.

Site visitors are able to filter staff listings by location or program area using the drop‐down box. You may contact our centers for information about staff members on those teams.


Barfield, Leah Director,
Undergraduate Advising
[email protected] | 972-883-6754 | JO_2.121

Berglund, Rachel Assistant Director,
Center for Children and Families
[email protected] | 972-883-4782 | CRA_12.401A

Boynton, Catherine Academic Advisor II [email protected] | 972-883-2621 | JO_2.113

Chavez, Marcos Program Manager I,
Center for Advanced Pain Studies
[email protected] | 972-883-6897 | BSB_14.102

Crabtree, Jacob Academic Advisor II [email protected] | 972-883-2375 | JO_2.109

Davis, Melanie Sr. Academic Support Coordinator,
Applied Cognition and Neuroscience, MS
[email protected] | 972-883-2588 | GR_4.824

Do, Cathy Academic Support Coordinator,
Undergraduate Programs
[email protected] | 972-883-2360 | GR_4.528

Dougherty, Erin Director,
Development and Alumni Relations
[email protected] | 972-883-3938 | GR_3.104A

Fincik, Keeley Human Resource Liaison [email protected] | 972-883-2794 | GR_4.104

Fletcher-Howard, Hannah Administrative Assistant II
Speech-Language Pathology, MS
[email protected] | 972-883-3167 | CD_J220

Fontenot, Stephen Communications Manager [email protected] | 972-883-4405 | AD_3.220N

Foster, Corey Academic Advisor II [email protected] | 972-883-4733 |

Gentsch, Joanna K. Director, Student and Community Engagement (BBS)
Director, Community Engaged Learning (Office of Undergraduate Education)
[email protected] | 972-883-4179 | JO_2.214

Goetz, Donna Administrative Services Officer II,
Grant and Contracts Management
[email protected] | 972-883-2429 | GR_4.104

Griffin, Tonya School Fiscal Officer [email protected] | 972-883-5764 | GR_4.104

Grimmer, Leslie Administrative Assistant II,
Department of Psychology
[email protected] | 972-883-2734 | JO_4.302

Guten, Dennis Web Developer [email protected] | 972-883-3807 | GR_4.522

Hamilton, Anna Academic Advisor II [email protected] | 972-883-5642 | JO_2.210

Howell, Autumn Administrative Assistant II,
Department of Neuroscience
[email protected] | 972-883-7274 | BSB_14.102

Jackson, Kevin Academic Advisor III [email protected] | 972-883-6750 | JO_2.125

Jimenez, Lisa School Administrator [email protected] | 972-883-4257 | GR_4.104K

Knox, Alan Career Center Consultant [email protected] | 972-883-2245 | SSB_3.300

Lucas, Chona Sr. Academic Support Coordinator,
Speech-Language Pathology, MS
[email protected] | 972-883-3060 | CD_B112

McAfee, Katina Web Developer [email protected] | 972-883-2494 | GR_4.810

Orlowski, Nancy Marketing Coordinator [email protected] | 972-883-4845 | GR_4.104

Owens, Ciara Academic Support Coordinator,
[email protected] | 972-883-3116 | CD_J207

Presti, Alice Academic Support Coordinator,
Department of Psychology
[email protected] | 972-883-2697 | JO_4.310

Pylate, Debbie Administrative Services Officer I,
Department of Neuroscience
[email protected] | 972-883-6869 | BSB_14.609

Ritter, Jill Admin Project Coordinator III [email protected] | 972-883-4853 | ROW_1.110D

Roth, Helen Administrative Assistant III,
Dean's Office
[email protected] | 972-883-2356 | GR_4.104

Shen, Rocky IT Support Specialist IV [email protected] | 972-883-2022 | BSB_10.506

Smith, Arleen Facilities and Resource Liaison [email protected] | 972-883-2357 | GR_4.104

Thongkaew, Natthakarn "Ice" IT Support Specialist II [email protected] | 972-883-3186 | GR_4.104

Winter, Betsy Academic Project Manager [email protected] | 972-883-2358 | GR_4.104