The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences


About Us

The School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences brings together innovative research, student training, and community outreach in a climate that fosters collaboration and learning.

The school’s mission is to study the biology and psychology of thought and language, development and aging, pain, social interaction, and perception in healthy adults and children both in illness and atypical development. Through this work, we aim to enhance the health, education, and quality of life of adults and children, their families and their communities. This is accomplished with fundamental investigation of brain and behavior, and applied research in remediation and compensation, including the use of advanced technology.


Focused on the intersection of mind, brain and behavior, the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences is committed to translating the latest research into treatment and intervention that add depth to education and provide valuable community service.

In keeping with the University’s strategic initiative to “become one of the nation’s best public research universities,” BBS researchers are awarded grants from some of the most prestigious science organizations, including the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

Degree Programs

The School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences offers excellent educational programs at all levels, including carefully designed courses and ample opportunities for mentoring in research laboratories and internship settings. BBS offers five undergraduate degree programs, four master’s of science programs and four doctoral degree programs. The school is organized around three major academic departments: Neuroscience, Speech, Language, and Hearing, and Psychology. This interdisciplinary organization allows our faculty to identify with and actively contribute to multiple program’s efforts.

Individual degree programs maintain strong, mutually beneficial relationships with area schools, healthcare facilities, private practices, and community agencies, which contribute to training and research, and also provide valuable community outreach to local agencies, allowing them to expand services.

Driven by research prowess, academic rigor and renowned professors, enrollment in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences continues to grow. As our student base grows, so does our network of BBS alumni in research, teaching and professional positions across the country.


The offices and research facilities of the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences are located on UT Dallas’ Richardson campus, as well as in BBS centers located in Dallas near the campus of the UT Southwestern Medical Center.

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

The University of Texas at Dallas
Green Hall, Room 104
800 W. Campbell Rd.
Richardson, Texas 75080


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