The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences


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Department of Neuroscience

Aging & Memory Research LaboratoryThompson, L. Tres

Cellular and Synaptic Physiology Lab and Center for Advanced Pain StudiesKroener, Sven

Cortical Plasticity Laboratory and Texas Biomedical Device Center and VNS Stroke TrialKilgard, Michael P.

Engineer LabEngineer, Crystal T.

Moller Personal WebsiteMoller, Aage R.

Motor and Habit Learning LabThorn, Catherine A.

Neurobiology of Memory Lab and Center for Advanced Pain StudiesMcIntyre Rodriguez, Christa K.

Neuroimmunology and Behavior Lab and Center for Advanced Pain StudiesBurton, Michael D.

Pain Neurobiology Research Group, Center for Advanced Pain Studies and Texas Pain Research ConsortiumDussor, Greg

Pain Neurobiology Research Group, Center for Advanced Pain Studies and Texas Pain Research ConsortiumPrice, Theodore J.

Pain Stress Lab and Center for Advanced Pain StudiesKolber, Benedict J.

Ploski LabPloski, Jonathan E.

Texas Biomedical Device CenterRennaker, Robert

Department of Psychology

Aging Well LabSeaman, Kendra L.

Center for BrainHealthChapman, Sandra Bond

Children and Families Lab, and Center for Children and FamiliesOwen, Margaret T.

Cognitive Informatics and Statistics Lab and Golden Personal Web PageGolden, Richard M.

Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging LabRodrigue, Karen M.

Development of Social Cognition LabSasson, Noah J.

Face Perception Research LabO'Toole, Alice J.

Family Research LabNelson, Jackie A.

Filbey LabFilbey, Francesca M.

fNIM LaboratoryRugg, Michael D.

Healthy Development ProjectHolub, Shayla C.

Herve Personal WebsiteAbdi, Herve

Infant Learning ProjectSpence, Melanie J.

Kennedy Neuroimaging of Aging and Cognition (KNAC) LabKennedy, Kristen M.

Lifespan Neuroscience and Cognition (LiNC) LaboratoryBasak, Chandramallika

Music Perception and Cognition (MPaC) LaboratoryDowling, W. Jay

NeuroPsychometric Research (NPR) LaboratoryRypma, Bart P.

Park Aging Mind LaboratoryPark, Denise C.

Reasoning LabKrawczyk, Daniel C.

Social Psychology Research on INtercultural Groups Lab (SPRING Lab)Park, BoKyung

Speech Perception Research LaboratoryAssmann, Peter F.

The Close Relationships and Health LabKane, Heidi S.

The Cognitive Neuroimaging LabWig, Gagan S.

The Couples Daily Lives Project and Gender StudiesPrager, Karen J.

The Culture & Affective Neuroscience Lab (CANLab)Park, Jiyoung

The Infant Neurodevelopment & Language Research Lab (The Baby Brain Lab)Swanson, Meghan R.

The Personality and Interpersonal Relationships (PAIR) Laboratory and The Blackberry ProjectAckerman, Robert A.

The Schizophrenia and Social Cognition LabPinkham, Amy E.

Think LabMills, Candice M.

Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing

Child Language and Cognitive Processes LaboratoryEvans, Julia L.

Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory of MemoryHart, John

Cokely Personal WebsiteCokely, Carol G.

Developmental Neurolinguistics LaboratoryMaguire, Mandy J.

Hearing Health LabThibodeau, Linda K.

Language in MotionGoffman, Lisa A.

SLAM LabLee, Yune S.

Social Communication LabRollins, Pamela R.

Speech Production Lab and Foreign Accent SyndromeKatz, William F.

The Bilingual Language LaboratoryRojas, Raul

The CHildren and Infant Listening Laboratory (CHILL)Warner-Czyz, Andrea D.

Translational Auditory Perception (TAP) LabLobarinas, Edward