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BBS Colloquium Series

All presentations will be held in GR 4.428 at 9:30 to 10:30am, unless otherwise noted.
Refreshments will be provided.
No RSVP is required.

Oct 25, 2019
Stream on YouTube
Philip Harvey, PhD
University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine: Center for Cognitive Neuroscience & Aging
Neurocognition, Social Cognition and Self-Assessment in Schizophrenia Amy Pinkham, PhD
Jan 24, 2020 Joshua Gordon, MD, PhD
NIH Director, Intramural Research Program
Opportunities and Challenges in Psychiatric Neuroscience Mike Kilgard, PhD
Feb 14 Joseph Piven, MD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Director, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities
Infant Brain-Behavior Development in Autism Meghan Swanson, PhD
Apr 3 Elizabeth Margulis, PhD
Princeton University
The Stories Music Tells: Cross-Cultural Narratives to Wordless Music W. Jay Dowling, PhD
Apr 24
Lecture is 10:00-11:00am
Denise C. Park, PhD
Distinguished Lecturer in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Director of Research, Center for Vital Longevity, UT Dallas
The Aging Mind: Fragile But Resilient Steven Small, PhD
Dean, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
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Career Roadmap Series

Depending on the event, RSVP may be required. Times and locations vary. Click each event link for more details.

Sep 16, 2019
Note: Time & Location Recently Changed
  Pathways to Forensic Psychology 6:00-7:00pm
GR 4.428
Sep 24 and 25   UT Dallas Career Expo Days
(Sponsored by the Career Center)
Sep 24 (Non-STEM)
and Sep 25 (STEM)
Activity Center
Sep 25 Trenadia Caxton-Martins Pathways to Social Work 11:00am-12:00pm
JO 2.114
Sep 25 Candice Mills, PhD Crafting Your Personal Statement 12:00-1:00pm
CR 1.212
Oct 2 Amy Pinkham, PhD Graduate Programs in Clinical & Counseling Psychology 12:00-1:00pm
CR 1.212
Nov 4 BBS Faculty & Graduate Students The Big Picture: Preparing for Graduate School 12:00-1:00pm
CRA 12.120
Nov 7 Center for Children and Familes Research & Resources Fair 2:00-4:00pm
Visitor Center Atrium
Nov 8 Dr. Ramin Toofan Opportunities for Service 12:00-1:00pm
JO 2.114
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Center for Children and Families Forum

Registration is required for this year’s annual forum.

Nov 1, 2019
Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center
9:30am to 3:30pm
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, PhD
Stanley and Debra Lefkowitz Faculty Fellow in the Department of Psychology at Temple University and a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution
A Communication Foundation: Building Blocks for Lifelong Literacy
CCF Forum Archive

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Center for Children and Families Spring Lecture Series

All presentations in this annual lecture series, sponsored by the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, will be held in the Davidson Auditorium, JSOM 1.118 from 9:30 to 10:30am unless otherwise noted.

There are no events scheduled at this time
CCF Lecture Series Archive

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Center for Vital Longevity Science Series

All presentations will be held in the Center for Vital Longevity Conference room (8th floor).
There will also be a videolink to JO 4.306 (unless noted) from noon to 1pm.
Lunch will be provided.
Please RSVP to [email protected].

Sep 9, 2019 Andrew Watrous, PhD
UT Austin
Adaptively Optimized Spectral Analysis of Oscillations Subserving Human Memory
Sep 16 David Frank, PhD
Texas A&M University Commerce
The Moderating Role of Task Characteristics on Skill Acquisition and Performance
Sep 23 Brian Gold, PhD
University of Kentucky
Neurocognitive Aging: Investigating Contributions of Clinically Silent Pathology and Cognitive Reserve
Sep 30 Kendra Seaman, PhD
UT Dallas
Modeling Value in Decision Making
Oct 14 Paul Verhaeghan, PhD
Georgia Tech
There’s Nothing Wrong with Cognitive Aging and Here is What to do About it
Oct 28 Todd Braver, PhD
Washington University
Flexible Neural Mechanisms of Cognitive Control
Nov 4 W. Jay Dowling, PhD
UT Dallas
Music and Consciousness
Nov 11
Binu Thomas, PhD
UT Southwestern
Canceled – Aging and Mild Cognitive Impairment: Deterioration in Brain Function. Can Exercise Ameliorate it?
Nov 18
Julia Evans, PhD
UT Dallas
Canceled – Poles, Bowls and Dinosaur Bones: How Atypical Lexical Representations May Derail Sentence Comprehension in Children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI)
Dec 2 Michael Rugg, PhD
UT Dallas
Episodic and Semantic Memory, Not so Different After All?
Feb 10, 2020 Michelle Carlson, PhD
Johns Hopkins Medical School
Feb 17 Dr. Brad Cannell
UT Health Sciences Center
Novel Approaches to Detecting Elder Abuse and Neglect in the Community
Feb 24 Ana Solodkin, PhD
UT Dallas
Mechanisms of Disconnection in Alzheimer’s Disease: A Neuroinformatics Approach
Mar 2 Jessica Damoiseaux, PhD
Wayne State University
Neural Correlates of Cognitive Aging and Risk Factors for Cognitive Decline
Mar 9 Holly Bowen, PhD
Southern Methodist University
Effects of Aging on Reward-Motivated Memory
Mar 23 Joseph Hennessee, PhD
UT Dallas
Prefrontal Lateralization and Fluid Ability Across the Lifespan
Mar 30 Sherwood Brown, PhD
Corticosteroid Effects on the Hippocampus and Other Brain Regions
Apr 6 Peter Gianaros, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Neurobiology of Stress, Emotion, and Risk for Heart Disease
Apr 13 Meghan Swanson, PhD
UT Dallas
Cortical Language Neurobiology in Infants With and Without Autism
Apr 20 Ted Satterthwaite, MD
University of Pennsylvania
Challenges and Opportunities in Understanding Brain Network Development in Youth
Apr 27 Chandramallika Basak, PhD
UT Dallas
Cardiovascular Health as a Modifier of Cognitive Control and its Related Brain Functions in Healthy Aging
CVL Science Series Archive

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Developmental, Cognitive and Social/Personality Brownbag Series

All presentations for this semester’s DCS Brownbag Series will be held in JO 4.306 on Thursdays from 11:30am–12:30pm, unless otherwise noted.
There will also be a videolink to the Center for Vital Longevity in CVL 818.

Sep 19, 2019 Shayla Holub, PhD
UT Dallas
Tips for Success in Graduate School: How to Make the Most of Your Time in BBS
Sep 26 Robert Morrison
UT Dallas — Texas Biomedical Device Center
Enhancing Recovery After Neurological Injury Using Targeted Plasticity Therapy and Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Oct 3 Ekarin Pongpipat
UT Dallas
Functional Connectivity of Frontoparietal and Default Mode Networks During N-Back Across the Adult Lifespan
Oct 10 Mark Zuppichini
UT Dallas
Processing Speed Explains Verbal Learning and Memory Performance in Multiple Sclerosis
Oct 31 Eleanor Liu
UT Dallas
Prestimulus Subsequent Memory Effects in Young and Older Adults
Nov 7 Mackenzie Taylor
UT Dallas
Differential Relationship Between Behavioral Approach and Inhibition Motivation Systems (BIS/BAS) and Intrinsic Brain Connectivity in Adult Cannabis Users and Non-Users
Nov 14 Salena Brody, PhD and
Samantha Helfers
UT Dallas Dallas
Teaching With Care
Nov 21 Kilee Debrander
UT Dallas
Social and Non-Social Self-Assessment in Autistic Adults
Dec 5 Katie Austin
UT Dallas
Invisible Support and Individual and Relationship Outcomes
Jan 16, 2020 Brendon Mizener
PhD Student, UT Dallas
Real Time Modulation Perception in Western Classical Music
Jan 30 Lyndahl Himes
UT Dallas
The Relationship Between Trait Mindfulness and Emotional Reactivity Following Mood-Manipulation
DCS Brownbag Series Archive

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FLASH Series

All of this semester’s Friday Seminars in Speech, Language and Hearing will be held at Callier Center Dallas room A229.
There will also be a videolink to Callier Center Richardson in CRA 11.601 (unless noted) from noon to 1pm.
Refreshments will be provided.
Please RSVP to Lynne Perler.
Bruton Conferences are sponsored by the David Bruton, Jr. Endowed Lecture Series on Communication Disorders.

Sep 13, 2019 Richard Neitzel, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Michigan
The Public Health Burden of Noise, and What We Can Do to Reduce it
Sep 20 Ted Mau, PhD
Associate Professor, UT Southwestern
Computational Laryngology: How Modeling and Simulation Inform the Voice
Sep 27 Erin Schafer, PhD
Professor, University of North Texas
Management of Auditory Processing Issues in Children and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Oct 4 Steven L. Small, PhD
Dean, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Aage and Margareta Moller Distinguished Professorship in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, UT Dallas
Network Neuroscience of Language Recovery After Stroke
Oct 11 Stephanie Fowler
Audiology Extern, UT Dallas
Measuring the Variety and Importance of Music Experiences for Adolescents with Typical Hearing and with Cochlear Implants
Oct 18 Kelly Fazal
UT Dallas Student
Visuomotor Pursuit Tracking (VMT) Accuracy for Intraoral Tongue Movement
Oct 25 BBS Colloquium No FLASH
Nov 1 Ahmed Rivera-Campos, PhD
Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University
Visual Biofeedback Training for Remediation of Speech Sound Errors
Nov 8 Daniel Pacheco, PhD
Post Doc- Children and Families Lab, UT Dallas
Relations Between Problem Behaviors and Executive Function in Very Young Low-Income Minority Children
Nov 15 Meghan Swanson, PhD
UT Dallas
The Supporting Role of Caregiver Speech In Early Language Development for Infants with and Without Autism
Nov 22 ASHA Convention No FLASH
Nov 29 Thanksgiving No FLASH
Dec 6 Monica Trevino
UT Dallas Student
The Acoustic Reflex: Putting the Gold Standard to the Test with Selective Inner Hair Cell Loss
Jan 10, 2020 Luca Campanelli
Callier Center Postdoctoral Fellow Candidate
The Cognitive Underpinnings of Language Processing: The Role of Memory and Expectations
Jan 17 Daniel Rasetshwane, PhD
BBS Faculty Candidate
Theoretical and Translational Approach to the Study of Hidden Hearing Loss in Humans: Challenges and Opportunities
Jan 17
Special Time:
Carlos Benítez-Barrera
Callier Center Postdoctoral Fellow Candidate
The Relationship Between Children’s Auditory Environment and Brain Development
Jan 24 Sonia Singh
Callier Center Postdoctoral Fellow Candidate
Factors that Influence Statistical Learning in Connection with Reading and Learning Disorders
Feb 7 Yune Lee
UT Dallas Faculty Candidate
New Frontiers in Rehabilitation for Communication Disorders: Towards the Integration of Neuroimaging, Mobile Technology, and Music
Feb 14 Gabriel Cler
UT Dallas Faculty Candidate
Speech Motor Control in Neurodevelopmental Communication Disorders
Feb 21 Michael Ullman, PhD
Professor, Georgetown University
Language Learning Relies on Brain Circuits that Predate Humans:
Evidence from Typical and Atypical Language Development
Feb 28 Anna Eppes
UT Dallas Student
Statistical Learning, Inhibition, and Working Memory Performance in Bilingual Young Adults
Mar 13 Laiah Factor
UT Dallas Postdoctoral Fellow
Novel Gesture Production in Children with Developmental Language Disorder: Phonological Deficits and What They Reveal About Language
Mar 27 Teresa Drulia, PhD
Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University
Swallowing Safely and Efficiently in Persons with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Does Lung Volume Play a Role?
Apr 10 Boji Lam, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of North Texas
A Closer Look at Two New Executive Function Measures: The Happy-Sad Task and the Emotional Verbal Fluency Task
FLASH Series Archive

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Frontiers of BrainHealth Lecture Series

All presentations in this semester’s BrainHealth Frontiers Series will be held on Fridays from noon to 1pm (unless otherwise noted) at the Brain Performance Institute Ellipse – BPI 1.114, 2200 West Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75235.
There will also be a videolink to JO 4.306.
Lunch will be provided. This is a free event, but please register online.

Sep 6, 2019 Yasin Dhaher, PhD
UT Southwestern
The Complexity of Meta Plasticity in the Motor System: Implication to Rehabilitation Medicine Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
Sep 13 Joel Kramer, PhD
The Myth of Cognitive Aging Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Sep 20 Aron Barbey, PhD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Scientific Innovations for Healthy Brain Aging Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Sep 27
No videolink
Anke Henning, PhD
UT Southwestern Imaging Director
Imaging Human Brain Metabolism Exploiting Ultra-High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Bart Rypma, PhD
Oct 4
No videolink
Katherine Rankin, PhD
Functional Brain Networks Enabling Social Sensitivity and Empathy Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Oct 11
Stream on Zoom
Tracy Centanni, PhD
Heterogeneous Neural Deficits in Dyslexia During Speech Sound Processing Tasks Lori Cook, PhD
Oct 25
Stream on Zoom
Michael Scullin, PhD
Baylor University
Sleep, Cognition, and Aging Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Nov 1
Stream on Zoom
Fangyu Peng, PhD
UT Southwestern
Assessment of Altered Copper Fluxes in Brain Disorders with 64CuCl2 PET Imaging Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD
Nov 11
Lecture is on a Monday
Stream on Zoom
Sandra Gordon-Salant, PhD
University of Maryland
Age-Related Decline in Auditory and Speech Processing: Peripheral, Central, and Cognitive Influences Lori Cook, PhD
Nov 22
Stream on Zoom
Kendra Seaman, PhD
UT Dallas
Modeling Value in Decision Making Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
Dec 6
Stream on Zoom
Matthew Kmiecik, PhD
UT Dallas
Using Senseless Sentences to Study Cognition: Insights from Traumatic Brain Injury and Electrophysiology Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
Jan 17, 2020
Stream on Zoom
Leanne Young, PhD
Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Taking SMART from the Laboratory to the Wild Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
Mar 13
Steven Vernino, MD, PhD
UT Southwestern
Frontiers of BrainHealth Lecture Series Archive

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Neuroscience Brownbag Series

Times and locations vary for each presentation in this semester’s NSC Brownbag Series.
There will also be a videolink to JO 4.306 for each.
Refreshments will be provided.

Aug 29, 2019 Michael Scofield, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina
Cocaine Abstinence Duration-Induced Alterations in Corticostriatal Structural Plasticity
Nov 7
RL 3.204
No Videolink
Dr. Ewan St. John Smith
University of Cambridge
Molecular Sensors of Pain in Health and Disease
Nov 7
CRA 12.120
Ishmail Abdus-Saboor, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
Genetic and Behavioral Dissection of Pain Neural Circuits
Nov 14
CRA 12.120
Carolyn Harley, PhD
Memorial University
Locus Coeruleus Activation and Neural Plasticity
Neuroscience Brownbag Series Archive

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Sips & Science Lecture Series

All presentations in the Brain Performance Institute’s monthly speaker series will take place at The Brain Performance Institute unless otherwise noted.
The lecture will last from 7 to 8pm. Sips and light bites will be available beginning at 6:30pm.
Tickets are $25 and can be purchased online.

Jun 20, 2019 Michael Lundie, MA
PhD Student, UT Dallas
The Neuroscience of Creative Problem-Solving  
Jul 18 Linda Nguyen, MS
PhD Student, UT Dallas
Deception Detection: The Neuroscience of Implicit Bias  
Aug 8 Sue Krautkramer
Senior Consultant at The Institute for Health and Human Potential
The Science of Emotional Intelligence  
Sep 19 Bonnie Pitman, MS
Director, Art-Brain Innovations, Center for BrainHealth
The Power of Observation: What Color is Your Apple?  
Oct 17 Ian Robertson, PhD
Center for BrainHealth
The Confidence Trick  
Nov 7 A panel of three veterans American Service: A Conversation with Post-9/11 Veterans  
Dec 5 Sarah Schleuning
Dallas Museum of Art
Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
UT Dallas Center for BrainHealth
Bonnie Pitman, MS
Director, Art-Brain Innovations, UT Dallas Center for BrainHealth
Different by Design: Research, Aesthetics and Innovation  
Jan 23, 2020 Daniel Krawczyk, PhD
UT Dallas
George Baxter, JD, CFA
Money and Your Brain: How Cognitive Biases Impact Investing – Sips & Science Monthly Speaker Series  
Sips & Science Lecture Series Archive

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The Brain: An Owner’s Guide (February Lecture Series)

Each of the Center for BrainHealth’s annual February lecture series, sponsored by The Container Store, will take place either in the Brain Performance Institute’s Ellipse or in the Center for BrainHealth’s Auditorium.
Pre-lecture reception begins at 6:15pm in the Jane and Bud Smith Grand Lobby. Lectures start at 7pm.
Tickets are available online to purchase. Price varies.

Feb 4, 2020 Charles L. Limb, MD
University of Southern California San Francisco
Music and the Brain — A Window into Creativity
Feb 11 Satchin Panda, PhD
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
When To Eat To Sleep Better
Feb 18 Sandi Chapman, PhD, Ian Robertson, PhD, Geoff Ling, MD, PhD
Center for BrainHealth
Tom Leppert
Former Dallas Mayor
Unlocking Human Potential: Inside The BrainHealth Project
Feb 25 Igor Grant, PhD
University of California San Diego
The Therapeutic Potential of Cannabis: Fact vs. Fiction
The Brain: An Owner’s Guide (February Lecture Series) Archive

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