Chandramallika Basak

Chandramallika Basak | Director
Assistant Professor
Behavioral and Brain Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas
Office: Center for Vital Longevity
1600 Viceroy Drive, Rm. 815b
Dallas, TX 75235

Curriculum Vitae

Phone: 972-883-3724
Email: [email protected]

Doctoral Students

Shuo Qin

Shuo Qin | Doctoral Candidate
Phone: 972-883-3767
Email: [email protected]

Shuo (Eva) received her BS in life sciences from the University of Toronto in 2012. She is currently a PhD student in the cognition & neuroscience program at UT Dallas. Her research interests are to understand the cognitive decline in older adults over the age of 60, the underlying neural mechanism of age-related cognitive decline, and how cardiovascular health affects older adults’ brain functions. Her recent publications include age-related difference in visual short-term memory, working memory, and executive functions, and the corresponding differences in brain structure and activation between younger and older adults. Outside the lab, she likes to experiment with cooking. She is always looking for participants to try out new recipes.

Nick Ray

Nick Ray | Doctoral Student
Phone: 972-883-3764
Email: [email protected]

Nick graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2011 with a BA in psychology and a BA in crime, law, and justice. He worked for the Center for Language Science for two years before joining the cognition and neuroscience doctoral program at UTD. His research interests include cognitive aging and working memory, and he is currently exploring the relationship between white matter integrity and video game learning/video game training. When he’s not too busy studying video games in the lab, he’s usually playing them at home. His favorite television show is Adventure Time. He also enjoys science fiction literature, edgy films, and a good game of disc golf.

Paulina Skolasinka

Paulina Skolasinka | Doctoral Student
Phone: 972-883-3777
Email: [email protected]

Paulina joined the lab in fall, 2018, and has a masters from the University of Warsaw. Her research interests include cognitive aging, working memory updating, physical fitness and cognitive training. She is currently analyzing how neural correlates and functional connectivity of cognitive control mechanisms involved during working memory updating, and whether these relationships are influenced by fitness.

Evan Smith

Evan Smith | Doctoral Student
Phone: 972-883-3774
Email: [email protected]

Evan graduated from Purchase College, State University of NY, in 2010 with a BA in psychology, and receives his MS in applied cognition and neuroscience from UT Dallas in 2015. He currently serves as Dr. Basak’s lab manager in addition to his roles as a research assistant and student. Evan’s research interest include the cognitive and neurological effects of skill learning and the development of expertise, as well as how these processes interact with age. Evan spends much of his free time playing and creating video games and table-top role-playing games, and in this latter capacity has contributed to TTRPG products published by End Transmission Games.

Research Assistant

Andrew Sun | Research Assistant | Andrew is an MS student in applied cognition and neuroscience at UT Dallas. He graduated in Dec. 2017 with an undergraduate degree in psychology at UT Dallas and has been working in the lab from his undergraduate days, and worked on a project with Nicholas Ray and Dr. Basak on how individual differences in working memory relate to other cognitive domains. He is currently funded as a research assistant on Dr. Basak’s grant on a clinical trial in healthy older adults.

Masters Students

Maisha Razzaque | Masters Student | Maisha is an MS student in applied cognition and neuroscience at UT Dallas, and completed her BS in cognitive science from UT Dallas. She is currently assisting in data collection on a multi-site clinical trial (BETTER study) run in Dr. Basak’s LiNC Lab, and is also part of another randomized clinincal trial (PI: basak) that is funded by NIH.

Undergraduate Students

Bhargavi Bhaskar | Undergraduate Student | Bhargavi is an undergraduate student of cognitive science at UT Dallas. She is currently interested in cognitive training impacts on working and short term memory and its potential influences on architectural adaptations. She is also assiting data collection in two RCTs conducted in Dr. Basak’s lab: the BETTER project and the the ViCTOR project.

Rahul Rajesh | Undergraduate Student | Rahul is an undergraduate student majoring in psychology at UT Dallas. His current research interests are how complex learning is related to past experience and is also assisting with a working memory training study. Rahul is currently working on a met-analysiss with Dr. Basak for his honors thesis.

Amsha Reddy | Undergraduate Student | Amsha is an undergraduate student majoring in neuroscience (Pre-Health) at UT Dallas. She is interested in the variance in memory in different age groups and the effects of cognitive training on memory function.

Charles D. Wilder | Undergraduate Student | Charles is an undergraduate (psychology major) at UT Dallas. He has an associate’s degree in EMS and has been working as a Paramedic since 2015. He began exploring various interests in neuroscience with the lab in 2019, and is currently analyzing EEG data.

Lab Alumni

Wali Azeem | Undergraduate Student (UT Dallas) at LiNC

Arit Banerjee | Masters Student ACN at LiNC | Current position: Research Assistant at Columbia University.

Yoonchung (Laura) Choi | High School (Groton School, MA) Intern at LiNC | Current position: Undergraduate student at Georgetown University

M. Irene Cunha | Masters Student (ACN) and Research Assistant at LiNC | Current position: Physician at Hospital Central do Ex’ercito, Brazil

Melissa Druskis | Masters Student (ACN) at LiNC | Current position: Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Therapy and Beyond, North Texas.

Aparna Gudimetla | Undergraduate Student (UT Dallas) at LiNC | Current Position: Medical School student at Emory University

Alex Hinerman | Masters Student Current Position: Adjunct Professor at Sandy Lake Community College, UT

Sean Kothapally | Undergraduate Student (UT Dallas) at LiNC

W. Christian Martin | Undergraduate Student (UT Dallas) at LiNC | Current position: Medical School student at Texas A&M University

Kaoru Nashiro | PhD from LiNC lab | Current position: Clinical Research Associate at Medpace

Margaret A. O’Connell | Postdoctoral Research Associate at LiNC | Current position: Research Scientist at University of Southern California

Nithya Ramakrishnan | Masters Student (ACN) at LiNC | Current position: Research Engineer at Department of Psychiatry, UT Health Sciences, Houston

Chad Richards | Masters Student (ACN) at LiNC

Haripriya Srinivasaraghavan | Masters Student (ACN) at LiNC | Current position: Software Engineer in Industry

Xi Chen | Masters Student (ACN) at LiNC | Current position: Doctoral student at UT Dallas

Erum Whyne | Masters Student (PS) at LiNC | Current position: Research Coordinator at VA North Texas Healthcare System, Dallas

Yuguang (Irene) Zhao | Masters Student (ACN) and Research Assistant at LiNC | Current position: Doctoral student at UT Dallas